Master 500 Near Coastal to Oceans upgrade

                 I recently got my Master 500 NC, and am wondering what exactly do I  need to fulfill my switch to Oceans Endorsement?  I think, from what I  can gather, that I need to either test for Celestial (206XX module)  or  take an appropriate USCG approved class, and a Nav and Deck General test (207XX module) or USCG appropriate class.  

Also, a Rules of the Road test if I tested >12 months prior to my Oceans application. (although I have heard that the ROR test may have been discontinued as being required for the raise in grade I am seeking)
Anyone have any latest news?

I found the structure of a classroom helpful when I took the class last fall. We learned straight forward ways of sight reduction formulae with out using any sight reduction tables.

We did not need to re-test the RofR.

Thanks Water,

Did you take the supplemental Nav Gen for Oceans class as well?

It was a three week class at L E Fletcher in Houma. Gale Williamson was the instructor, and he did a great job.

One of the units of the class would probably be the Oceans Nav you mentioned.