Master 500 Near Coastal to Oceans upgrade

I recently got my Master 500 NC, and am wondering what exactly do I need to fulfill my switch to Oceans Endorsement? I think, from what I can gather, that I need to either test for Celestial (206XX module) or take an appropriate USCG approved class, and a Nav and Deck General test (207XX module) or USCG appropriate class.
Also, a Rules of the Road test if I tested >12 months prior to my Oceans application. (although I have heard that the ROR test may have been discontinued as being required for the raise in grade I am seeking)
Anyone have any latest news?

Did it a couple years ago. I just applied for the endorsement with NMC then took the class and faxed them my certificate. That easy!

Cool, thanks!

I’m slowly fitting the pieces together…

If you need to take celestial I took it & reccomend CMTI. They also do the deck supplement you need as well.

[ATTACH]2861[/ATTACH]Thanks all,

I found one at Maritime Institute in San Diego, covers both Celestial and Nav Gen supplement. It looks as if that even if I test at a REC, I would still need to take an appropriate Celestial class.