NMC upgrade?

Im trying to figure out what the NMC is going to charge me for putting an original radar unlimited on my current 100 ton license and to bring my tankerman pic out of continuity.I know there will be fees but it does not seem to fit under original or renewal. Anyone have a realistic idea? Cant find anything specific on the site. I know I must submit within a year or they wont look at it. Im using it to move to a bigger license after further classes but its been about 10 months since I took the class and dont wish to have the time for acceptance lapse. Its the weekend and the NMC is closed. Otherwise I would just call. Thanks for any insight

STCW is free.

Don’t know about tankerman.

Probably just better off calling tomorrow. I never know what to pay and always end up calling and having them tell me. Or you can pay too much and hope you get your money back…good luck!

[QUOTE=“AB Murph;127050”]STCW is free.

True. But if you call 5 times you get told at least 3 different things.