New Years Resolutions!


Hello, new to the site. Just wondering what some of the New Year resolutions you guys had in mind.

Mine is to spend mire time with my family instead of on the boats.


Not talking to new guys…


Continuing my sarcastic asshole-ness.


Get older.


Giving up this easy job on a casino boat and back to an OSV.


To stop rolling my eyes and muttering “that’ll be the day” when I hear people make New Years resolutions.


I wanna make a point of actually getting a job, instead of hanging out with you guys……I can’t wait to walk into Chouest’s, personnel office, next January … …Slacks, sport coat and tie…and with of course my , "coveted g captain " tee shirt…I will have the pride and confidence of the entire forum , at my back…how can I loose…???


You might do better with overalls, no shirt, no shoes and yelling “Ah kin drav any ol’ boat yall got”


That was my back up plan…lol
I was gonna stroll in and say that Capt’n Lee said, that y’all need some good California yankee boys down here to balance out things…how do you think that would fly???lol


Look Nicky in the eye, spit on the floor, and say “Ah ain’t afeard uh nuthin, Mister Nicky”.


The proper term is “Left Coast Yankee” but neither that or the t-shirt are going to do you much good :wink:


Seadog! he has to wear shoes. The right pair would have to be a pair of Dulac Reeboks.


Shellback, the response you would get from that is WHO SAID? WHO?

My New Year’s resolution is to not masterbate.


For those who might not know what Dulac (a.k.a. Cajun) Reeboks are, click here.


Capt. Lee , I wish you well in your New’s Years endeavors…If you do happen to fall "short ’ of your goals, there is no need to let us know…
BTW, I would never drop a name …Especially when I wasn’t given permission to do so…So can I use your’s???


Shellback- You can if you want. I am not with them anymore so I am not sure what good it would do. Anchorman would be a better name to drop. Just tell them the “Commander” sent you.


I thought you had left them awhile back…

But if you say it’s okay to use Anchormans, I guess it’s okay then…



Do not get confused. Clearly, Lee was talking about cucumbers and broom sticks…not what you were thinking.


Lee, you want to stop “masturbating”, not “masterbating”. Let’s watch the spelling, ok? After the whole priaprism, priapism fiasco we really need to raise the bar.


Anchorman, I assure you , Lee and I have never had the same thoughts…Never !