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Ok here we go. I used to work in the GOM for oceaneering as a C/E and and then went on to work in the North East for a towing co. I have been up here for 7 years and have just accepted a job with Hornbeck. What should I expect? By the way I have never worked on a supply boat. Thanks

Do you have a twin or are you skitzo?

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[quote=Capt. Robert;29690]Hornbeck

is a nice company I have heard. Not to sure on what restrictions they have as far as what to do an not to do.

I know that gee I can’t even think of their name … Quest Offshore that’s is like the millitary I hear real strict.

But if you like to ride like a Cadillac then you have SMooth sailing on the humongous boats they are big While the advantages of DP operations for deepwater is awsome. Do you have DP1 DP2 DP3

if not they will send to you to school. I belive they have their own school …or Quest does I know for sure. Quest is like the KING of offshore. I have friends that work for Quest

I wouldn’t pass it up.[/quote]

[B]Quest[/B] has created the world’s largest repository of data detailing forecast and active Deepwater Projects worldwide focused on Subsea, Floating Production, Deepwater Pipelines, Umbilicals. This bank of accurate data has also led Quest to provide many companies with “Global Market Overview and Indicator Reports”, as well as provide associated consultancy services.
Questis also deeply entrenched within the Offshore Marine Construction sector, providing information on markets, assets and news, also providing specialist reports from their consultancy services.
At its inception, the company acquired the SUBSEA-DATA-BASE, that was founded in 1982 by Derrick Booth and is widely recognized as the world’s leading source of detailed forecast and active/abandoned subsea data for the Offshore Oil Industry. After incorporating the SUBSEA-DATA-BASE, Quest added related databases to its portfolio - the two largest databases detail Worldwide Floating Production Systems (1975-2008) and Deepwater Pipelines/Umbilicals (1999-2008).
Quest was incorporated in Texas in 1999 and is headquartered in Houston, with an International Sales Office in Greater London, England and satellite offices in Singapore and Aberdeen.

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I don’t see any mention of vessels on Quests website, they seem to be in the information business. What gives?

Hmm? Maybe he is thinking of Chouest. It rhymes, anyway.

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Correct link to Chouest.

I got the same impression and that’s why I posted what I did to illustrate that point but it was apparently not taken as such. There must be another Quest Marine…

What happened to RideWater? They were the big dogs back in the day…Did they slide? I wonder what RideWater’s rides are like these days???

I believe the question was about Hornbeck-- that’s Hornbeck with an “H”, not Pornbeck, not Hornbuck, but Hornbeck. Should anyone have an answer to the man’s question feel free to weigh in.

What to expect?
Like John Sitka at MAMA once said, “The Gulf is the Gulf”.
Expect 12 hour work days with 6 hour watches, cold winters, hot humid summers and good fishing.
I don’t/haven’t worked for them but heard good things about their Supply Boats and not so good about the tugs. Two of the captains I work with here in Galveston grew up with Todd Hornbeck and speak well of him. A Hornbeck Engineer that I met said they send him all he requisitions and that they keep their boats up well.
That’s bout all I got to say bout that, gotta google Ridewater Marine.

**name from the past…Butch Nelson…Quest Marine…Mobile, AL…your “neck of the woods”??

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Name sounds familiar, was he a headhunter?

yes he was…also owned/operated a utility boat and a couple of crewboats…don’t know what ever happened to him though??

Shoot I haven’t seen Butch in 12 years.

Ok, so I tried to hijack the thread to topic but, with the exception of 10talents, failed.
Here’s my two cents. Hornbeck is a top-notch company. We should all be so lucky. They have first rate boats and are well situated to thrive in an ever decreasing market. I have less to offer in the way of personal experience than some with this company (hint to others) but the grapevine tells me you could do worse–a lot worse. The Gulf is a world in it’s self, as you may know, but expect to have the other boats in the Gulf (myself included) wondering what life is like on your boat. Good luck.

Hey, thanks a lot Seattlemariner.