New to OSV

Ok here we go. I used to work in the GOM for oceaneering as a C/E and and then went on to work in the North East for a towing co. I have been up here for 7 years and have just accepted a job with Hornbeck. What should I expect? By the way I have never worked on a supply boat. Thanks

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Jamie Ray,
It is going to depend on which vessel you work on. HOS has a bunch of different vessels from Frac boats to sub sea construction vessels. If you get on a mud boat, then you will be in charge of pumping the mud, fuel, rig water, barite, cement to the rig. They are a good company with good benefits, but the boats ride like crap. My advice is to try and get on the specialty fleet which is some of the vessels I described earlier. It is hard to get on one, but once you do your in for good. Have a good day,

Seaspeed, if I’m not mistaken he’s going on a mud boat.