New sawmill engine

Engineering column doesn’t get a lot of stuff so i thot i’d tell you how easy it was to start a new engine i just put on my sawmill. What a difference, I added a electric fuel pump so when i went to start it it started about the third revolution.
New stuff is so nice! … most krap i have to repair, rebuild, or something.

Did you use the Predator or the Kubota?

it says predator on it. I understand it to be a china knockoff of a honda but it was $270 off regular price and i’m so tired of the heavy old wisconson i figured i could miss a few horse power. unrelated but i did make a deal for the Kubota, i still have it but figured it was going to be quite a conversion to get it to drive the mill. I think i’ll use it to power a heavy planer since i don’t have 3 phase power here.
thanks again for ID’ing that kubota, I bought the parts book for it. the problem with driving the mill with it had mostly to do with the short shaft out the power end of the engine, it would of taken some $ to get a suitable drive rigged up to run the mill.

Have you considered something like this?

Certainly, & if I go that route I’ll build my own but dang, I got enough projects!