22-25 hp gasser needed

I’ve been beating a old Wisconson 4hv on my sawmill since i owned it. Woodmiser evidently had a italian diesel on this unit when new but none of them lasted long. Anyway, there was a day everything ran on wisconsons, (haybaler anyone?) but this thing weighs well over 300 lbs. I recently changed the points, (4 SCREWS!) and I think the valves are puking/sticking and oil treats are quitting so i’m looking for a newer 25 hp. gas that weighs like a hundred lbs. If you got one, or a lead on one that may need some repair I’d be interested. I live in NE Oregon and would make a 200 mile round trip in a day and 400 rt in two days for the right price. no briggs plz!!!,

You might look at a Robin EH65D , air cooled ,4- stroke engine. Continuous output 12.7 kW, max torque 45.6Nm. Weight 44kg. Honda makes a similar engine.

thx, will do.

subaru, prob a pretty good unit and the price is very affordable for new. i wouldn’t have a issue with it at 35 lb. torque but a straight shaft? no keyway? wtf?

You may shop around on some of the old Tractor and Equipment forums and find
a Red Seal Continental engine in those dimensions. They were used a lot on mills here in Appalachia. A lot of lumber was cut using them and the operators I’ve bought lumber from in the past spoke well of them. Oldie’s but goodies.

continental a good power unit. i think i’m running two here on the ranch … fork lift and tractor. i have a diesel but thinking of saving it for a planer or resaw or something … water pump? … there is also the lurking thot of resale value on the mill but with the price of lumber i’m seriously thinking i’d be better off keeping it because i sure can not bear paying the going price for a board at the store!!!

Yes, lumber prices are off the frigging chart. Just replaced a few 4x4 posts for my fence. $17 each.