Can anyone id this engine?

I’ve been meaning for a few months to get these pics to you, can anyone nail this down to a couple likely manufacturers?? meanwhile i bought a 22 hp predator, i don’t really know if it’ll run the mill very well but i still have to know what this is.

Looks a bit like an old Allis-Chalmers as used on Onan gensets.

i have 1992 scratched into the genset housing, i’d think it’s about 1990, maybe a bit older. when i called Onan dealer the guy didn’t know the stack from the aircleaner but indications were it’d be a kubota but it doesn’t look like any kubota i’ve ever seen. I haven’t seen many and NONE aboard ship.

i sure hope it’s no allis chalmers … for finding parts, not that i’ve looked for any lately. but when everyone weighs in i’ll start going thru the options, Thx,

That appears to be correct, a Kubota V1305.

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Agree with Steamer.

i think you nailed it guys, i am going to print a couple photos and after looking at a few go out there and make comparisons … i can’t believe there is absolutely NO printed thing on that engine for a clue, AT ALL. Well, there may be something but i’ve been all over it with flash lights and mirrors, as did the guy i traded it for.
maybe the head stamp but i’ll let you know what i eventually find but it looks like you called it … Steamer and chief seadog both have made some good calls on the eng. post in the past. What i can’t figure is we all worked at sea, where did you guys ever see one of these little engines?
Thx a lot. I am kinda enthused about this little guy now but wouldn’t you know it… i just bought a brand new predator engine … considerably smaller.

Have a Kubota made tractor on the “Farm” in Kentucky. Haven’t seen it in a few years. Will share witth my uncles, about the right size and HP. Mom and brothers bought it new in the 90’s. Replaced a killer ford and and a giant John Deere before it.