How to identify a Chinese engine?

I’ve been looking since last fall for a replacement engine for my saw mill. The mill is sold with a 25hp min. engine, more is better, so is water cooled. I can get a lifan 24 hp for about $850 which is a fair deal … + shipping, + the exhaust manifold, +…?
I have a 4cyl. diesel. i’ve been all over this thing with a flashlight, magnifying glass wearing my glasses and damned if I can identify this 4 cyl. anyway. It ran a Onan Generator, (e gen)
and according to a website it could be a Kubota but i doubt it.
there is a funny looking emblem on the head but that’s all i can find. The casting number on the LH side is meaningless in a search.
anyone got some idea on how to proceed with this?

Be careful if you order direct from China. If the engine is not EPA certified the customs folks will seize it on arrival.

It might help if you post a picture of the engine you are looking to identify.

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If there are anything written in Chinese, please include that in the picture as well.

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thx, far from me to anticipate that sort of bs but i certainly will adhere to your (now considered) ,mandates .

it’ll take some doing to get a photo. the engine is out in my van which is buried in snow and freezing, and dark! but i’ll post a pic which is what i should of done anyway. stby.

How to identify a Chinese engine?
By the guy standing over it with baling wire. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m only “pretty sure” it’s chinese but it’s maddening there is no name on it. I got it in a trade for something, it really does look like a nice unit and was on a onan genset. I guess i’ll end up calling a few dealers, maybe one has an idea what diesels (10Kw) were on a early 90’s genset. i’ll work on getting that pic.