New Forum - Your Thoughts?

So how are you guys liking the new forum? Any ideas, improvements, bugs…? Let us know while we still have the programmer on the hook.

Is it just me- or are there less people online/posting? I like the new forum-and the old.:slight_smile:

Mahalo for all the hard word work-it’s a great resource-Anthony

John, on the “New Posts” view, can we get the already “viewed” posts to revert to regular font, rather than remaining [B]bold[/B] so we can keep track of what we’ve already read. Not sure what feature that’s under in vBulletin, but I’m sure the resourcefulness of the guys will find a way.

Thanks again for everything guys…it’s a nice piece of work from where I sit.

Just curious John, what do [U][B][I]you[/I][/B][/U] think?


Only issues you I seem to be having is keeping track of what I have already read. It was much simpler in the old.

On the other hand, it is much easier to find old posts.

I can into the upgrade kicking and screaming… only after some passionate please by our top members and a democratic poll. The old software was too simple but also easy to use and FREE.

That being said I love it! Being able to interact with everyone is a killer feature and the advance features are going to make life a bit easier for the administrators.

Once logged in you can look at the color of the icons on the homepage to see which sections have new posts. You can also click “New Posts” in the menu section above.

One feature we are exploring has been a big help in allowing me to moderate new posts… email subscriptions! CLICK HERE and enter your email then new posts will be delivered to your email inbox every morning.

Another plus for the new forums, at least for me, is quicker loading when using my iPhone. Thanks John!

I think that, like most things, it will take time to get familiar with this…I really like the message feature …

I keep having to sign back in, if I leave for couple minutes(ie making sure I’m not about to hit something)

Try checking the “remember me” box under the log in. So far I like it, I just have to get down my routine on how to go through the new posts and read what I want. Once I get it down though it will be a big improvement.

Change is good. Although, a little hard to get used to. It is very apparent that much time and thought has gone into this change. Kudos to all involved! Just another reason why this is THE best forum that I have come across. Congrats gentlemen on a task very well done! I like the addition of the spell check. Hopefully, some will start to use it. Such as myself!

I am still use to the old system and find this set up a little less user friendly. What I liked about the original is that all the new postings were front and center… Is there another forum with a similar set up to this new gcaptain set up? I will get used to the new forum, but wanted to put in my 2cents. Currently I like the old better, although it is easier to find exactly what you are looking for on this new design.

As one of the ones who begged John to change the software, I must say I am very pleased. There is a learning curve, for sure, but I think everyone is going to get this new pair of shoes broken in. I’m looking forward to learning more about the capabilities of this software. It seems like every day I find something new that it does. I love it!

I like it. However the next thread link takes me to posts I have already read or sometimes tell me there are not further threads when there is stuff I haven’t read. I just re-click the new posts links though so it is not the end of the world. But it would be nice to have a way to just read through all the new posts.

Robert -

Take a look under “Quick Links”, and click under “Todays Posts”. That will take you to everything that you haven’t read since your last log on the day before.

I think the above works better than the “New Post” button. I also believe, there may be a feature that John can enable that will let you seek out “New Posts” over a period of time, such as the last “1 week”, “2 weeks” “1 month”, in case you haven’t had access for a while. I’ll see what I can find on that, and forwarded it to him if it will help.

On more option - You can also “Subscribe” to a thread that you want to keep track of, and it will let you know when something new has been posted there.

Hope that helped a bit…

Ahhh. there is so much new stuff here I can’t find it all. Thanks El Capitan that was very helpful. You might be overtaking Capt A in my vote for the infallible voice on gCaptain! :slight_smile:

Mass-confusion…I can’t even find the head.

you found Guam didn’t you!