gCaptain forum new interface....sucks. Hate to say it

Hey gCaptain,

Love the news, the usefulness of the forum and the community…
but this new fancy interface is SUPER GLITCHY.

the pull down forum menu lacks any description of the catagory,
this window for writing a thread is ill placed,
and the suggested post popup takes over my wind and I cant get rid of it unless I dont write anything in the title.
and how you cant backtrack properly without the forum cookies remembering all the previouse pages stuff your trying to navigate out of.

Granted, I am using a Mac, so theres that.

But this new interface is a royal pain and difficulty.
The old forum interface is time tested and generally a perfect logical desgin.

Hope you can figure these bugs out. Because I’m totally turned off by this new not-user friendly interface.

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