The New Forum Software

The new forum software is excellent. Thanks. Bravo.

Not enamoured with it yet
( from a PC with Firefox)

Yeah. . . not sure about the accolades. . . it DOES work, but I am still gathering the logic of it. . . I guess it would be better if a more seasoned member of our group was making such a claim.

I am a member of many forums that use all different types of software and Discourse Rocks. it’s really easy to use, where replies flow down the page. It’s modern, fast, mobile-friendly, and responsive, as compared to other legacy forum software. Discourse has quoting and selective quoting, drag and drop of images, etc. Probably the most advanced editor of any forum software.
John made a great choice.

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I prefer vbulletin software but this works.


PC Version: Still gettin used to it, but think it has great potential once I learn my way around.

Android: Can’t figure it out yet. Then again I only devoted a small amount of time twice. I just use the version that works without a download. The two times I investigated downloading the software it didn’t seem like something I could quickly figure out so I bailed. Eventually I’ll muster up more patience and try and figure it out.

@DeepSeaDiver- Master, Chief Engineer, Zodiac Commodore, Computer Programmer, Software Developer is there any thing you can’t do?

I really like the ability to upload images is working again. So many dank memes I have on standby for certain individuals.


I installed the gCaptain forum app which is available on my iPad. It works like a treat and actually much better than in the Safari browser!

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Why does all this modern “better” software often harder to use, harder on they eye, and overall much worse than software from 10 years ago. Google screwed up browser google maps, picassaweb photos, etc. Modern software all seems to have ALL functions originate from one button to push.

Are there other skins available? There is no natural separation between each post and it is very hard to scan and read through topics.

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its the worst forum software I have ever used

I think the Android app is better than the last one, even before the last one stopped working.

I definitely prefer having a mobile app to having to use the old website on my phone.

how to find your own posts?

Click on your system avatar in the upper right-hand corner. If you need additional help from their DM me. You can also set up notifications.

Actual work on a ship?