New Empire State Arrival

Philly Shipyard announced via Instagram that the Empire State will be departing this week for Fort Schuyler.

Does anyone know her planned arrival date? I’d like to follow her up the East River and be there for all the fanfare when she first arrives.


Sorry, no ETA at Fort Schuyler, but that should show up on Marine Traffic (or any other tracking site) when she leave the yard. (Not yet showing)


Scheduled to sail from Philadelphia on Wednesday the 13th for a crew shakedown cruise before heading to NY early the following week.

Probably watching the hurricane Lee for impact to timing.


Currently Friday Sep. 22. I was supposed to ride the ship from Philadelphia but had to back out when the arrival date was delayed to conflict with family obligations.


We’re anchored out and fueling as I type.
Scheduled to arrive to a fanfare on the 18th,
coming down Long Island Sound.
I’m an SIU QMED on board.


I would not get your hopes up for a fanfare. More likely a hasty escorted exit with the admonishment “don’t touch anything.” From the SUNY Maritime website
As there is ongoing construction on the pier, the ship will be closed to the campus community and the general public for visiting until safe access can be provided to the pier and ship.

The construction is to run high voltage power to the pier. When I was on campus last week, they were still digging trenches in the road adjacent to the pier to run the high voltage lines.


They’re telling people where to watch for us. No one comes on board, apparently.
Otoh, we may get extended until Friday from Monday, for generator watches.
It all flexible.
Best, Doug

Probably to maintain power if the 15kV shore service lines are not on the pier by then. The alumni association is (or was) planning for an on-pier ceremony on Friday 9/22, so it seems they think the power lines will be finished by then.

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Trust Maritime to ruin what’s supposed to be a historic event……

I had hoped to follow her up the East River, I was on the fence about taking the ride up to the school anyway to meet her, but I won’t after that info. Thanks!!

Keep us posted guys, much appreciated!


I don’t Believe the voyage plan is to go up to East River, they’ll be westbound through Long Island sound.

It’s UN Week, lots of closures on the East River. That could have effected their planning.

Arrived and tied up around noon today with Mother Nature provided freshwater washdown.


They have her moored starboard side to. I am assuming this has something to do with the ramp.

What a hideous ship. How many bazillions spent? It doesn’t have to be pretty, but at least make it not ugly.


This things got a ramp?!

Can cadets bring their cars to Europe on cruise?!

does it have a hatch ball court ??

100% Jones Act certified Made in USA*

Not on time, and what about on budget?

*With some domestic, but lots of foreign parts.

I doubt that, but you can bet the crew will be parking their rides in the hold while they are moored at the school.