New Deckhand any advice

Hey, I’m new to this website
A little about my self I’m 19 fresh out of high school just landed my first job in the maritime industry as a deckhand in the Inland rivers with this really good company I have a basic idea what to expect and as well what to pack to bring on the boat.

What do I all need to pack?
Any thing specific like brand or type of socks, pants, shirts, flashlights, pocketknife’s ects

When it comes to socks, shirts, pants and especially boots (since you’ll spend a lot of time on your feet) I’ll tell you the same thing I tell anyone else – find something that is comfortable for you. Don’t be cheap and buy some Walmart nonsense that you can wear on either foot because they’re so poorly made. Get great boots and good insoles.

I carry two Spyderco knives and keep two COAST brand flashlights on me everywhere I go (two is one, one is none.) When I decked on tugs many many years ago pushing dozens of scows up and downriver I even carried my own whistle around my neck so in case I got stuck somewhere or was in trouble I could get the other deckhand’s attention for help.


I’m a fan of dickies for pants and socks. Any old T-shirt will be fine. Spend $$ on good boots and a knife. Think of it like an extended camping trip. You’ll want a bedsheet for rack. I use an old sleeping bag but comforter/pillow etc. shower shoes and anything else that will make you comfortable. The industry needs fresh young blood so make sure to keep off your phone and work hard at whatever task you’re assigned. Try to improve on one specific thing on every hitch and you’ll be surprised at how much can get done. Good luck!