Equipment Checklist

I am looking forward to my first job, most likely on a OSV and I want to make sure I show up with the right equipment. Can anybody suggest the items I need to bring and the number, such as 6 pairs of jeans etc. Also I would appreciate recommendations on rain gear such as the MFG and model. Also the proper knife. Also do people bring their own bedding, towels etc. Also things like proper shoes and gloves. I look forward to your responses so I can start accumulating these items.

Make sure to bring an alarm clock. Preferably a battery operated type with some extra batteries. I have the cheap version of the brass big ben that sounds like a general alarm when it goes off. Sometimes through the night power may be lost or your time may run fast or slow if plugged in to the wall. Bring what you think you need, but know that after your first hitch you will know what to bring back for sure. I would bring a towel. It really depends on the company, but most provide linen. Bring your own toiletries.


Me personally, I bring a fitted sheet, 2 pillow cases & a sleeping bag. Along with my own towel(s). Nothing worse then getting some nasty cheap sheets to sleep on. If you are working on deck, I would bring about 7 pairs of socks and the same on drawers. Powder for the boys to prevent or ease chaffing in the nether regions. I opted for the Gerber Para Frame serated knife (Walmart or Walmarts for some people). Sunglasses are a must have. Like Capt Lee said - toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, razors, nail clippers, Q-tips, deodorant, dental flose, neosporane), just a few sugestions. After you do a hitch or 2 you will figure out what you need and DON’T need. I am still working on cutting back after all these years. Laptop for movies/music (when off watch) helps pass the time also. I download movies and don’t carry DVD’s anymore. Good luck.


I am still working on cutting back after all these years.
Lets just be honest, it gets worse as time goes by. It’s even worse when we get our permanent boat and start to move in. I have filled the back cabin of my crew cab tundra when I move out.

Here’s a few threads with advice on what to bring.