Navy chief engineer time for sea service credit

A few questions - 1. Served as Chief Engineer for a total of 52 months on 2 navy diesel ships, both over 4000 shp, and left the most recent ship this last May. Whats the best way to document my Chief Engineer sea service in my transcript to get credit for Unlimited Chief Motors license? 2. Future employment - If approved to sit for my Chief’s license exam is it reasonable to pursue Chief positions immediately based on my license and past Navy experience? Or does the companies, MEBA and AMO expectation to start as 3 A/E to earn time and work my way up the ladder? 3. License Engineer job market - currently live in Arlington, WA but will travel to any job. That said, does that dramatically improve employment opportunities? 4. On average what’s the starting pay for open ocean 3 A/E per month? Any feedback would be sincerely appreciated ! Cheers! Terry Patterson