Path to Chief Engineer Limited Near Coastal

I have a question for anyone who might know the answer. I have worked many years as an unlicensed Engineer, and QMED Oiler. The vessel I work on has two Oilers and a Chief Engineer. I currently have a 3rd Asst. Unlimited/DDE Unlimited plus Any Unlicensed Rating in the Engine Dept. I am trying to get my Chief Engineer Limited Near Coastal however I am hung up on the requirement “One year of this service must have been as a licensed engineer.”. I have several years of experience as an unlicensed engineer while holding a DDE 4000 and some time holding my 3rd/DDE unlimited. Since there is no assistant engineer position for me to serve on this vessel how can I get my Chief’s? DDE won’t work because of tonnage… Must I find another job to gain the experience or is there some other way around this?



Just because your employer didn’t require a license doesn’t mean your time doesn’t count. Did you have a license? Were you the only engineer on the boat? Were you in charge of a watch? You are good to go. As long as your letter says “engineer” and it covers a time period where you held a license that is all you need. That same time is likely enough to upgrade to 2a/e also.

Justin…Check out the Marine Safety Manual vol III chapter 12. It’s the best guideline for your qualifying time.

Here’s the link


Thanks for the info, I have looked over the Marine Safety Manual Vol III Chapter 12. The only thing I can find appropriate would be:

  1. Service On Uninspected Vessels.
    When upgrading unlimited licenses, third, second and first assistant engineers frequently present time served as engineer on uninspected vessels that are not required to have licensed engineers and do not have engineering watchstanders. Service on these vessels may be credited as third or second assistant engineer service (depending on the license held) if the applicant was a full-time engineer and was responsible for the engineering plant. It may not be credited as first assistant engineer service since vessels that do not require licensed engineers usually do not have auxiliary, cargo and electrical systems comparable to vessels with licensed engineers. Only service as an actual first assistant engineer can satisfy the first assistant engineer requirements for advancement to unlimited chief engineer.

I can see I could qualify for a 2nd. I’m looking to work to Chief Limited mostly but I definitely won’t pass up an opportunity.

Check out the list of licenses you might consider applying for when going for 2nd. It dosen’t cost any more for the evaluation fee to apply for all.

If you have enough time for 2AE then you have enough time for Chief NC, they had up the same.

As long as your sea time letter says “engineer” you will be fine by the section of the MSM you pasted. I had to quote them another section to get my Chief Ltd when I upgraded to 2AE but as a hawsepiper you will already have all the QMED time that I didn’t.

All of the qualifying time has to be on vessels over 100 tons.

Which isnt a realistic standard anymore. There are some pretty big 99 ton boats out there.

[QUOTE=injunear;53870]All of the qualifying time has to be on vessels over 100 tons.[/QUOTE]

I noticed that which is a real bummer as I only have about 217 days of qualifying time then. Damn you tonnage doors! At least I have a better idea where I stand and as soon as I think I am resonable close I will put in my paperwork.

Thanks everyone for the help! :slight_smile:

I wasn’t allowed the 1 1/2 day calculation in the early '80s but have heard of many since then. You might look into that if you’re working 12 hr days.