Name your new boat -

So you have decided to buy a boat what are some good names? What kind of boat would you buy?

“Spank Me”

Imagine the Coast Guard calling you on the radio,

Spank me, Spank me, Spank me this is the United States Coast Guard…

And of course I would name my dingy “Spank Me Two”



“Wasted Seaman”

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M/V Seek Hunt

“Never again 2”

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Boaty McBoatface

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There was a nice Yellowfin out of Mississippi named that, I believe he did vasectomies for a living.

Going back to my fishing days “Slim Pickins”

Dill Doe and run it in and out of Dulac.

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This name should satisfy your needs once and for all

spell your name , please

As seen in Florida, “Stripper Bait - Fingerbangerachi”. Definitely fit the Hustler 45 it was splashed across.

My all time favorite vessel name is “Tireless” Besides the obvious factor that it has no tires, it also highlights desirable qualities as do many other vessel names, like Courageous, Perseverance, and Intrepid. The amusing thing about it is that it was built for Roger Firestone. Yes, the Tire guy. It’s a 68’ Trumpy in Key Largo.
Oildrop makes a good point about phonetically spelling a name over the radio. In the days of AT&T High Seas, it was standard practice, but one yacht name I was never asked to spell on the radio was “Lady Godiva”.

I think they ended up naming an ROV at least with that. Funny things happen when you ask the public for ideas…

If you’re going down that route I prefer “Major Kong” :wink:

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When I bought my boat it was called Aphrodite- I never bothered changing the name as its unlucky etc or you have to go through some pagan like ritual to appease Odin or whoever. I usually say I’m going to the ‘boat’ never use the name. Anyway I thought Aphrodite was a headache tablet or some such medication, now I know its not but the boat can be a pain in the ass sometimes- maybe I should rename it Hemeroid or Piles.

It’s kind of a tradition in my family to name the boat with the wife’s name and initial. My wife put the kibosh on that saying “Boats always have problems and I don’t want the neighbors at the marina thinking I did something wrong when you start cursing the ‘Cindy K’”

I thought that was fair enough :slight_smile:

Oh and I did know a guy with a boat named “The Crack Of Dawn” which sounded innocuous especially considering he was a fisherman and always headed out early… that is until, years later he introduced me to his wife Dawn :flushed:


Hmm… Multi-talented a pro journalist and a comedian. - Cheers.