Name your new boat -


M/V Titan Uranus


There was a sport fish working out of Old Port Cove in the late 70s with that name. One night a few of us went out for a beer, and had a hard time keeping a straight face when the barmaid announced that her name was “Dawn.” :slight_smile:




I’ve got nothing.



Pure understatement…




M/V c.captain


I named both of them girls " Future "


That’s some awesomely steampunk naval architecture going on right there.
Think it’d get sporty when the personnel section bottomed out though.
That cylinder would need to be able to be locked down or it’d bash itself out the bottom of the boat in a serious run of weather.




“After two attempts to enter the harbour, it crashed into the Calais pier again, this time demolishing part of it.”


An Old Timer on the water:


I knew a guy who wanted to name is boat “Suck to be you” for the same reason


Anotherv Norwegian vessel leading the way.
Elias is a cartoon character that educates kids about life on the water and a few adults also😀


I have a friend who’s fishing boat is named, “Poverty Sucks”


I think this was first.