My son will transfer to CMA from UCD in the Fall. Looking for bay area internship now

He’s a smart strong 20 year old engineering type, worked as gymnastics coach and math Tudor before working on boats for SD boat rental company. Needs part time work (paid or unpaid) preferably Friday through Sundays around his school schedule.
Most interested in work where he will learn something associated with maritime world.
Any insight appreciated.
I went to SUNY, still work on license on San Diego Bay.

Try Blue and Gold, Red and White, Hornblower. They also hire students to work on the TSGB.

Westar is also a good place to apply to as well.

Love the local colors! Embarrassingly not as familiar with some though, coming from San Diego. Red and white? Red stack? Crowley? I will contact Hornblower down here and ask if they can forward his résumé up there.

He is living in San Jose now until summer, then Vallejo bound. He just found out he has 3 free days off each week in college so it’s time to salt down a bit more. He also has some deckhand experience with Pacific Tugboats in SD. Thanks all.

Red and White & Blue and Gold are both ferry companies. Red and White is all harbor tours while Blue and Gold is point A to point B runs as well. Both are different unions. if your son already has some experience decking on tugs he should try working casual for MM&P Inland group contracted companies in the bay (Westar, AmNav, Bay Delta, Brusco, Seaway Towing, Crowley and Oscar Niemeth). There is also the non union tug/launch company Marine Express, Westar’s main competitor. I had good success working for Westar part time while attending CMA. They kept me busy anytime I did not have class.

There’s also a new “on-call” water taxi service that just starting up in the bay that might work out for your son… Their office is located in Sausalito. I hear they’re looking for boat operators and deckhands (including part time)…
Here’s the link…


I knew a few people who worked at Cal Adventures teaching sailign on the weekends. They have other stuff too, and would be worth looking into.