Entry Level Tug Companies? West coast

Just turned 18 and after waiting two months, the NMC issued my MMC with AB Special, Lifeboatman(PSC), and STCW Basic. Second generation commercial fisherman out of Southern California and want to climb hawsepipe to master. Best companies to start career? Thanks

Go talk to Curtin Maritime in long beach. Growing fast and a great place to learn. There’s also American Marine and Pacific Tugboat. Curtin has steadier work and better equipment though.


I’m glad to hear that kids like you still exist. Congratulations!!!

Just about all of the tugboat companies are advertising for people. It depends on where you want to work and what type of work you want to do.


I want to do a little bit of everything working on tugs mainly on the west coast. I do have a few connections with Pacific Tug Service. Seen them around Coronado. And my father’s friend is the port captain at PMG. I have been looking at Curtin Maritime and was invited to work on a tug with Brusco Tug and Barge, but Ventura is pretty far up there to drive.

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theres also vane brothers on the west coast, they offer a good rotation and have boats in long beach and sf in the harbor, as well as an atb working the west coast


You may want to consider one of the academies, if school really isn’t your bag, then consider the Unions, SUP may be a good fit for you, another option would be MSC, yes I know all the negative things, but good travel and ports, and if you have the potential they’ll push you up the hawsepipe

I’ll take a look thanks