Multi-purpose Fishing Vessel

A very innovative fishing vessel is nearing completion:

The F/V Cape Arkona is under construction at a small shipyard in Western Norway for an Australian owners. She will be able to fish using trawl, longline or traps seamlessly on the same trip. Main aim will be Patagonian Toothfish with area of operation mainly around the Heard & McDonald Islands in the Southern Ocean.

why are the decks so high, fishing that far off the water , or just operating in a fishing enviornment will have some induced challenges with that. I can’t believe they went with cat power!

Built for operation in Southern Ocean. Built with fully enclose work deck and processing area. Probably also with moonpool to retrieve longlines and traps without being exposed to the elements. Not much need to go on open deck.
Very large crew, if all 40 bunks are utilized.

Propulsion is by a hybrid plant for maximum flexibility:

I will see if I can find more details and GA.