Otto Candies to build new Marin Teknikk subsea vessel

Looks like OCLLC is tired of the DeHoop designs and is going more state of the art which is Norwegian

[B][U]Otto Candies to build new Marin Teknikk subsea vessel[/U][/B]

NOVEMBER 19, 2012 — Norway’s Marin Teknikk AS reports that it has signed a contract for design and engineering of a new Subsea Support & Construction vessel for Otto Candies LLC, Des Allemands, La. The vessel will be built at the owner’s shipyard, Candies Shipbuilders, in Houma, La.

The vessel will be built to a new Marin Teknikk design, MT6020, which will use lessons learned from more than 20 vessels built to the MT6016 design built over the last eight years.

The new vessel has a length of 102 m and a width of 20.6 m, and will be equipped with a 150T crane and two ROVs (unmanned submarines) that can operate down to 3000m.

Marin Teknikk’s agreement with Candies includes is an option for another slightly bigger vessel, a MT6022 design with a length of 108 m, beam of 22 m and arranged for 110 persons.

The MT6020 provides accommodations for 90 people and is designed according to the latest rules in terms of stability, security, and emissions of pollutants to the environment - including the SPS code setting the latest requirements for damage stability. Though it will be capable of working world wide, the vessel is intended to operate in the U.S. portion of the Gulf of Mexico and must therefore be constructed in the United States.

“We are extremely pleased to sign this contract as it is the first for Marin Teknikk in USA. For us this is a breakthrough in a market that has historically been difficult for other than national players to operate in,” says Marin Teknikk. “It is a confirmation that Norwegian ship design has a very good reputation in the world, and we expect again this opens up the possibility of several agreements later.” It adds that several Norwegian equipment suppliers will make deliveries for the project.

Very nice looking design! I am glad they are building it here! And by the way I love their made in the USA logos they put in all their boats!