World's largest 50' Fishing vessel

I noticed a fishing vessel just off the coast with a VERY large imprint on MT today. I got curious and this is the vessel I found:

Somebody must have had fun on the AIS

She is designed to beat the 15 m. LOA limit for certain rules and quotas, but just barely. (LOA 14.99 m.) and newly built by VARD Aukra.

PS> I don’t know how many coats of paint it will take before she become 15.01 m. LOA.

Here is an article with details about this ugly but efficient little fishing boat. (Translates well by GT):

It’s only showing up as around 450 meters long. Perhaps they’re trying to scare the fish. :slight_smile:

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Absolutely hideous.

But I want one.


Depends on the temperature.

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They forgot to add to the beam by the look of it:

If you can find a yard to build it I’m sure Seacon will be able and willing to supply full suite of design, drawings and building specification to build one to meet US rules:

There is an earlier boat built to the same basic design, but this one set up for Seining and “Snurrevad”:

If you don’t know what Snurrevad is (I did not) here is a video to show how it works:

Different boat though. This is a combined whaler/fishing vessel of older design.

PS> That first bit with his oilskin pants around the ankles are hilarious.

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I think this abomination was featured in a post not long ago but I can’t find it so pardon the new topic about it.

" According to the Fay’s captain, Ken-Åke Grahn, the ship lost auxiliary generator power off Honningsvåg. Without power for the Fay’s hydraulics, the crew could not fully secure a leaking hatch, and the vessel gradually flooded. “Then we just had to leave the boat,” Grahn told Radio Nordkapp."

No manual backup pump? No redundant hydraulic pump on main? No emergency generator?

How did that thing ever get insurance much less any kind of certification? Was the design a high school class project?

So many questions that should never have to be asked.

a fair chance the E gen doesn’t power that system? but no back up is beyond belief.

It is likely that the hydraulic system was powered by the generator by a PTO driven pump. That is quite common for “elective” loads such as stabilizers or bow thrusters but critical systems should have a secondary source, either electric, manual, or redundant. Clutched pumps driven off the reduction gear or directly off the crankshaft are very common.

It is hard to believe they only had one source of hydraulic power and equally unbelievable that they thought a hull side door was not considered important enough to require a secondary means of closure.

“Investigators say that they have not yet reached any conclusions about the cause of the casualty and will be examining all factors.”

Maybe they should start with the geniuses who approved the design and allowed the thing to sail.

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Clearly from the same demented designers, but this one is (was) 20.99 m rather than 14.99 m.

I’d think this would belong under marine incidents rather than technology. @Kennebec_Captain