MSRC Responder questions

I am curious if anyone knows about MSRC Responder position mainly Long beach area. The
website does not really specify the job description It says entry level but not sure if that is entry level deckhand or wheelhouse also if someone has info on pay would be greatly appreciated

I think the “responder” position is more of a deckhand/equipment operator position than a mariner position. The “master responder” position is a mariner position, but the pay is pretty sub-par in my opinion. The “master responder” position in galveston has been open since december and all it requires is a 100T ticket. I have a feeling the reason it has been open so long is because they can’t find anyone willing to work for $21/hour and be subject to a 2 hour recall 24/7/365. There is no on-call schedule, they expect everyone to spend every evening and weekend within 2 hours of the vessel. On the plus side, they have great insuance and benefits and they offer a merit raise of up to 3% each year.

The “responders” operate the equipment to contain and recover the oil when there is a spill. The Responder vessel has a separate crew of mariners (Captain,mate AB’s,Engrs) that operate the vessel. As WildBill said,the pay isn’t outstanding and the requirement to be on call 24/7 in the event of a spill is pretty restrictive. It is a steady job. You pretty much work a 0700-1500 Mon-Fri schedule doing a lot of training and maintaining the equipment waiting to respond to an oil spill.

I interviewed for the 500 ton master position in Miami, they offered me 76k. Are you kidding me?? I told them I made just over 100k a year as a MATE on a tug that I can run with a 200 ton inland ticket, and be off 1/2 the year, or take a 30% pay cut, commute every day, and never leave home without a leash. Hmmmm, I walked out the moment he told me the salary!