MSC Surface Rescue Swimmer

In pursuit to obtain a coveted greenhorn status on gcaptain and wondering if my questions will perhaps be better answered under the in service forum, I have redirected here.
I have spoken with the CIVMAR support center and received conflicting answers, perhaps a mariner would be able to assist.
After reviewing the SRS bulletins I am familiar with the requirements, incentives, and training program. If selected and the physical is passed, is it possible for a candidate to proceed directly from new hire training in Freehold to the SRS pipeline before an initial shipboard assignment?
Does successful completion of the SRS program affect the type of vessel, coast, and detailer you are assigned, or are you assigned anywhere based on your deck rating?
I’m aware it’s only a collateral duty but it seems a pretty kick ass thing to do.

I figured out the answer. Anyone who might also be interested, here is the reply…

“SRS qualified CIVMARs are assigned to aviation ships - AEs, AOEs, and AKEs, and all SRSs are assigned by one Marine Placement Specialist (MPS). SRS is open to new hires; at NEO more information will be provided, and you could speak with the SRS MPS. If you are accepted for SRS, you will be evaluated at the Training Center-East in NJ to determine what, if any, additional training/conditioning is necessary, and a training schedule will be established - this training could be with SRS subject-matter-experts, pre-conditioning training in GA, and/or SRS School in JAX FL, all depending on your current skill level). Yes, this can occur before an initial shipboard assignment is made.”

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Formerly a Discharged Seaman now through the hiring process with MSC. Back to being a Seaman again! Longest procedure to get a job I ever went through. Enlisting in the military was faster than this.