MSC recent hire... Tips, hints, suggestions?

I’ll be starting with MSC as an Asst Storekeeper and hope to work up to Junior Supply Officer in the shortest time possible. I was in a mix of white collar and blue collar jobs… Information Technology, Real Estate, then 7 years as a state Corrections Officer working prisons. Last 2 yrs working a govt warehouse which is the experience that got me the job.

Any tips, hints, suggestions within the supply/logistics world within maritime operations?

Thanks in advance…

Prepare to be underwhelmed.

And kiss your shoreside life goodbye!


Have the maximum amount deposited in your TSP (gov’t 401k) account each paycheck. If you’re over 55 get the additional catch-up amount, too.

What do you mean about, “…work up to Junior Supply Officer in the shortest time possible”?

You will have to wait for the merit promotion opportunity announcement, check the listed requirement, and, if qualified, compete with the individual with more experience within MSC’s supply regiment, who have been waiting and applying for years for the same opportunity.

I can’t talk about the supply dept. In the deck dept, there are plenty of 3rd mates working as AB’s not being considered by the promotion board, because they haven’t completed the 1 year probation yet.

Does the position require any MMD?

Pretty sure every position at MSC requires at least the OS/Wiper/FH entry level ratings…I think.

Copy that on the TSP. Not sure what MMD is? MSC requires the Merchant Mariner Credential and US Passport in order to apply.

MMD (Merchant Mariner Document - old term for the Z-Card) and MMC (Merchant Mariner Credential) are interchangeable terms.

Z-Card - haven’t heard that term in a while. To the OP: The MMC is proof that you belong to a select club. Continuation of your membership is dependent on your ability to donate a cup of your precious bodily fluids on demand.