MSC Comm Jobs


I’m looking at the possibility of joining msc 1-2 years down the road and I’m wondering what the scuttlebutt is on openings for Comm positions in the fleet. I’m a professional network engineer with 10 years of military service including four years of sea time with the Navy (USS Germantown '03-'07).

Is it worth it? What can I do now to prepare?

Any advice the old salts can give is appreciated.


Get your STCW ET endorsements first, then join the AMO Union,


Thank you for that bit of direction as I gather a prospective list of hoops to jump through. I’ve also reached out to MSC directly so hopefully that bears fruit.


With 10 years Navy, I’d look to see if you can buy back time while MSC… if not, I’d look at other federal agencies…


I may already be dead in the water. My four years of sea time were over 10 years ago.


It doesn’t hurt to try and talk to the USCG to see what they say you have…


Check with CG. Just keep in mind that 4 years of Navy sea time does not equate to 4 years of sea time.

There are a few openings at MSC for Comm. A couple of them would require a Certificate of Register.


I got an answer from msc recruiting today. Without a TS clearance the position I was looking at is unavailable.

As for mmc cred, I only needed entry-level. Moot point now. No worries.

I appreciate everyone’s input.


Decided to go ahead and get the TWIC and MMC. I found an avenue to get TS so I’m going to slow roll it over the next year.

Xavier, What is a certificate of register?


Essentially an endorsement in your MMC, see 46 CFR 11,801, et seq. They are for pursers and medical staff. You apply for them just like any other endorsement in an MMC.




Just wanted to update this thread on what I’ve learned as I’ve moved through the application process.

An entry-level MMC is the requirement to sail as Comm. A minimum of active secret clearance also. They will upgrade you if it becomes apparent you can be adjudicated to TS. YMMV. I’ve got close to 10-years of complex IT experience and have held an active clearance for just as long so I think they made a judgement call.

They are offering bonuses for people who commit to 2-years in the IAT slots. 10% of base pay.


I am also attempting to join MSC as a RET1 IAT and was wondering if you went through with this. If so could you reach out to me (via messaging) and maybe give some guidance on the path,pay, time, and job. Thank you ahead!