MSC pay scales

What is the pay scale for OS, Wiper and ABs at MSC? And what other “perks” (if any) do you get working there? Is the Overtime?

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On my ship…

AB (watch or day) Base $39120 OT Rate $32.42 PT Rate $11.46

OS (day) Base $32532 OT Rate $26.98 PT Rate $11.71

OS (watch) Base $27316 OT Rate 22.64 PT Rate 8.87

Wiper Base 32532 OT rate 26.96 PT Rate $ 8.87

Other Benefits…wow, where do I start:

  • great federal health care choices, life insurance, TSP (now offers ROTH), FERS retirement
  • lots of OT, you can always work the weekends, that at least give you 32 hours OT/pay period
  • travel to and from ship paid for
  • free work boots
  • free work clothes
  • free cold weather gear
  • free knives, multi-tools, and flashlights (pelican/surefire…what do you like?)
  • Shop at NEX Privileges (cheapest booze around)
  • free medicine/medical care on ship
  • free rides to Wal-Mart, NEX, Target, airport, AppleBees, bus station, your doctor office, and anywhere else you can think of
  • High speed internet at sea
  • Free DirectTV / AFN TV in your room
  • Free satellite phones to use while at sea
  • You are free to quit a ship/get fired/medical discharge whenever you like with no penalty…just head back to
    CIVMAR pool and you will be on another ship soon…nothing to worry about.
  • You will never be fired
  • Great job satisfaction, knowing you are serving your country.

You must be on the USS Ponce to have Internet at sea. Do the roaches also get wifi?

West Coast and East Coast pay links here: tabs at the bottom of the Exel files are for different class of ships.

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I forgot to mention a few amazing CIVMAR benefits: - Free renewal of MMC / MMD / USCG License - Free classes for Radar Renewal & Tankerman PIC - Free STCW classes, Lifeboatman, Med PIC - Free Passports, both Blue & Red - Free classes for upgrade from Unlicensed to 3rd Mate & 3rd A/E (you will be reimbursed for all expenses) - Funny thing…MSC will not pay for your TWIC - Free DP Class in Houston (get endorsement then quit MSC, go work on a cool DrillShip) - Put your shoes on the correct foot for 1 week (work week, no Sat/Sun) and most Chief Mates will put you in for a cash award, anywhere from $500 - $2000 - Canal Transit budget can be used to make cool custom t-shirts for your ship - Free, Free, Free, come one, come all, it’s the big top circus !!!


Hi UnRepKing,

Have you heard any rumors about sequestration/hiring freezes with this fiscal cliff nightmare? I am preparing my package for the jr Eng open announcement but now I’m concerned they will slam the door on hiring now…thanks.