MSC or Commercial after SUI Apprentice Program

MSC or Commercial after SUI Apprentice Program:

Hey guys and gals, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the debate of whether to go into Military Sealift Command or with a Commercial Company after completion of SUI Apprenticeship program at PineyPoint?

The Pros…The Cons…
The Good, the bad…and the Ugly of each. From an (OS/AB) perspective.

Advancement, Pay/Leave, Crew Morale, Food, Berthing, Port Call, Training, Shipboard Amenities, Cleanliness, Equipment, Et cetera…

As usual I thank you in advance for your time, assistance and consideration as regards this matter.

I’d go with the first one to offer you a job, but that’s just me. There’s no substitute for experience and you can always be picky later.

Check out MSC’s site,
it doesn’t look like any OS/AB hiring going on.
Grab the 1st offer is probably wise nowadays.