Waz up with os neo

Ive been waiting for about 2 year jst to come to va for my neo…i call ill say twice a week but the tell me the same info every tim,“o we never hired this much new ppl”

wtf thats pose to mean.anyone can help me out with what is going on on the otherside.

I’ve been told several times that MSC over-hired for OS- and doesn’t need any more. I’ve been waiting for an open spot for a couple of years as well.

Basically- you have to wait- or find something else.

Have you checked into the SIU apprenticeship program at Piney Point MD?

You graduate with an AB Special- and they guarantee a job. Also- I believe MSC gives preference to SIU cadets when hiring…

It doesn’t make sense. They certainly have not met their illiteracy quotas.

i joined siu like 2 years ago…so no telling on when i will have my neo at all??

i type to fast wtf…

It might be a good idea for you to try and join the navy. MSC seems pretty full right now. In the long haul you’ll be treated pretty well. And by the way, when posting on these boards, try to polish up your spelling and grammar. As unfair as it may seem, we’re often judged by the way we write.

There is an elaborate computer that makes all hiring. promotion and crewing decisions. A human tried it once and he was found huddled in a corner of building Z-100 in a fetal position eating his own filth.

I’ve seen this computer and it is called the STANC (Type I). It’s networked to a meat grinder and the SABRE system.

What’s hotel is being used in Norfolk? The hooker/crack house joint on Military Highway or the highrise “resort” in VA Beach? They both smell like cabbage.

Is there a senior ranking pool rat who calls all the shots on TV shows we get to watch at the CSU? And can I fire up my electric wok and George Foreman grill in the hotel room?

The ranking mariner is the one nearest to termination. The change of command ceremonies are lovely.

Is SIU worth investing in? I read that they have a free unlicensed apprentice program. Cost is $1,500 up front and they pay for the rest except for transportation to phase 1 and 3 of training.


[quote=Concepts;12513]Is SIU worth investing in? I read that they have a free unlicensed apprentice program. Cost is $1,500 up front and they pay for the rest except for transportation to phase 1 and 3 of training.


Its a good way to get your AB. Most of that $1500 is for the purchase of uniforms, the rest is for your physical, drug test and transportation iirc.

Does anyone know when the next class starts at Piney Point?

When I talked to the lady on the phone she said classes start at the begging of each month.

[QUOTE=Concepts;12796]When I talked to the lady on the phone she said classes start at the begging of each month.[/QUOTE]
Classes may start at the beginning of each month but the current wait time to get into the classes is 6 - 12 months. Apply soon!


some of these posts are dead on! I just finished MSC paid for training at MAMA in va bitch, so im actually pretty happy to have made it through my year probation. of course I still have to deal with medical, the coast guard, and the batshit crazy security department, so who knows what will happen. but i will have my ab and stcw.

msc isent hiring any os’s any time soon, even though they have about 50 empty os’s billets at any one time. i just got a east-to-west transfer and it only took me 4 months to get it.

im not expecting to stay with msc long, maybe long enough for the economy to pick up and for me to go commerical, or for me to get my tankerman-pic… msc’s leave program sucks, too many power trippers, and the os pay (on the east coast) is for the homeless and the socially challanged.

i just spent my last week on the usns kanawa, cleaning tanks, and what was my paycheck? 926.00 …talk about CMPI violations? man i need one hell of a pay dispute with my detailer and a call to the union.


Dear Pool Rat,
First you rattle off all the schools MSC sent you to (for free). Then you accuse the KANAWAH of not paying you for tank cleaning… And a threat to call the Union. Are you in the Union? I ask because alot seaman make statements like this but are too cheap to actually pay union dues. What CMPI violations did the ship commit on you? Its a big book and I don’t have it memorized. Pay disputes are simple. If you think you were underpaid you just submit it to the Chief Mate.

Well first off, I’ve been a due paying brother as soon as I arrived at fire school in san diego. second off, I was only paid “overtime” instead of the applicible pay that is dictated in the CMPI. Third, I didn’t receive my last check (the pay period that i was tank cleaning on) intill I was already paid off. I know how to pursue my own issues.:wink: (already filed a pay dispute with my detailer, and spoke to the patrolman with the union)

The best thing that has happened out of this is that I recieved my east-west transfer, as a number of friends of mine who sail west tell me there is alot less bullshit on the west coast. :D:D

As far as the whole “msc give you free training” thing, yeah thats great, and in all actuality now that im sailing west, ill stay with msc. At least intil i have my Tankerman-PIC. Then im fucking ghost. :cool:

The current economy is not conducive for anyone to leave MSC, there just aren’t that many maritime jobs right now.

I hope im not coming off in a negative way, but if currently sail with MSC then you should know where I am coming from.

MSC rocks, Its what you make it.


I live in vabeach and just applied to MSC for a pumpman position how long will it take before i hear something. I am a current federal employee now I would think that they could just transfer me. Do you know any pumpman? If so how do they like it.