MSC Application Process

Does anyone know how long the process takes when your under review with the employment division before they contact you? I applied for entry level back in November I reached out multiple times and they keep saying the same thing, is anyone else having this issue?

It happens when it happens. It could take months. You could also be rejected (via letter) during the review period. If that happens just try again.

Which entry-level position did you apply for?

I applied for “Any Entry Level” , so you can be denied if you made it to the employement division? When I spoke with my recruiter he said all I was waiting for was for them to call me to set up an interview. This is my first time ever applying and I’m so confused I didn’t know it was going to take this long

Similar situation here.

I applied for an IAT RET rate in October, was forwarded to employment division in late November, and have been “under review” since then with no forward movement on my app. Keep in mind this is a severely undermanned rate with fit/fill levels under 50%. In January I watched the offered recruitment bonus shoot up to >30k$. Nothing but silence from MSC.

No idea how these guys operate or what’s going on.

Wow…so this is normal for them i take it. I just dont why it takes so long fro them to respond. Thank you so much for your response.

It’s a federal job. Just like any other municipal job in the country, whether it’s federal, state, or local the process will take a long time.

They “work” for the government “serving” the taxpayers. They get paid just the same regardless of how little they do,or how poorly they do it. There is no incentive for them to be efficient or to treat prospective employees with respect. All they have to do is pretend to follow the script, then raises, promotions, and retirement will inevitably follow.

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You’re getting as predictable as a Transylvanian horse hearing “Blucher!”


Even if/when you do an interview, you’ll wait forever to hear if you get an offer. If you actually get a “conditional” job offer, DON"T quit your current job. It will still take forever more to get physicals done and set up date for NEO.

Under review means under review. It is not an assurance of employment. Yes, you can be rejected (in writing) during the review process. If they need 70 bodies of the 500 under review, someone is going to be disappointed.

During the review process, the applications are rated #1 through “Z”. Only 1 through “X” will get a phone interview. A phone interview does not mean a sure thing. You can still get rejected. I am sure they over-hire to account for the losses of individuals that are deemed “Not Fit for Duty” after the initial physical.

Once hired, you can also get rejected during the New Employee Orientation (first week). Most losses occur on the first day after the English test.

Never listen to a recruiter. They are “Not” part of the hiring process.

Wow i didnt know that i guess the recruiter wasnt right??.. he did say that I made it to the Employment Division and I should get a call in the next week or so for interview. I guess ill just keep waiting and keep my fingers cross

Why does it got to take so long to get the physical and everything done I got that done in a day

It is a very comprehensive physical that can take most of the morning or day, with a follow-up on a different day with a Doctor (Medical history questions and answers, and additional touchy-feely exam). That includes eye exams and EKG.

Separately (some other day-maybe weeks later), they will send you out for a drug test. All the information has to be collected and reviewed. If there are any problems, even a small problem, i.e., maybe your fasting blood sugar is at 100 mg/dl (prediabetes), you will be listed as “Not Fit for Duty”. If you fail the drug test than all is moot anyway.

Not a fast process over multiple days. Takes even longer for minor or chronic issues. That’s the way of the road boys.

Nikita–It looks like I griped too soon. This morning my application status changed to “pending selection.” Hopefully you’ll see some activity soon, too.

Thats is great news thank you so much… I will keep my fingers cross…good luck

It is a long process. If I remember correctly, I got contacted/called long enough after I initially applied that I forgot I had applied. Once I started all the new hire stuff it took quite some time. I think I got pretty lucky. I flew back to Norfolk in early April of 2012 and went through all the training stuff up in Jersey, got back to the pool, received a million shots and only waited about a week in the pool before I got assigned a Special Ops ship (A.B.). It was a great ship with optional OT everyday. For family reasons I discharged that Xmas, but I got to see a ton of great places in the 6 months I was on the ship. If I didn’t have to come home, I would’ve stayed on that ship for a few years.

The only thing I didn’t like was how difficult it was (I was told by ship mates anyway who had been trying for years) to get assigned to the West Coast fleet.

Make sure you have your valid passport in hand…right now. It made the difference between me and another new hire. I was sent to Japan next day to join up with the MIZAR. Other new hire did not have a passport. He was assigned to an oiler based in San Diego.

I’m hoping that things move quickly this has been a very long process. I’m in the WestCoast right now so i am hoping thats where ill be.

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That sounds like nonsense. A valid passport is a pre-employment requirement.

Could be…except both of us were being interviewed on Monday and the hiring person advised there were 2 jobs available and a one needed a passport. I had mine already for a week. Was hired on Wednesday and left for Japan on Thursday. This was in 1976.