MSC $37,000 Signing Bonus for Chief Mates

That’s not a bad deal right? Maybe some of those Chief Mates who left over the past 4 years will come on back.

Are they offering the bonus to 2nd Mates that are applying for promotion to Chief Mate come spring time?

from what i read it doesn’t sound like it though I’m sure they wouldn’t mind paying for your classes and such. “A recruitment incentive of approximately $36,000 authorized for eligible First Officers and First Assistant Engineers. Actual amount is calculated as 25% of base pay. Incentive is paid as a lump sum at the beginning of employment with the Command, and requires a 2-year service agreement. Candidates selected for a mixed work schedule and annuitants, regardless of work schedule, are not eligible.” been wrong before though

One day a bunch of us are standing around on the flight deck talking with a Navy kid and when he found out how much we make he basically said, ‘You get paid THAT to goof off all day?’ One of the guys replied, ‘They don’t pay us to work hard - they pay us to not quit.’

[QUOTE=DeckApe;174579]‘They don’t pay us to work hard - they pay us to not quit.’[/QUOTE]

Sounds about right.

That signing bonus makes the job very tempting…

Eventually MSC will be the only place left to work. Might as well jump onboard now.

I think might reapply, myself. I think I fucked up turning them down in the first place. I’d have an unlimited ticket at this point instead of a 4000 hp limit. I’d have to apply for the UJE or oiler position.

My credit isn’t the greatest but everything is being paid down. I have held Secret clearances as recently as 2008. And I work for another gov. agency.