MSC signing bonuses

Can anyone shed some light on the MSC signing bonuses? A quick look at the job announcements for example shows a 2nd mate gets $38,000 sign bonus. But in the further print on the application it says actual bonus is based on 25% of base pay.

25% of the highest 2nd mate base pay ($102,000) is not $38,000…. Anyone actually go forward and have any info?

Maybe that’s a test. Passed. You are hired!

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I’m not sure he passed, but mates are mates because they had fewer math classes right :wink:…?

The posted pay range is $76,211-$102-854 and the posted 25% bonus is $38,105…for a 2 year commitment .

As it happens, $76,211 x (2 Yr) x (25%) = $38,105


Oh! MSC is hiring to replace the mates on COMFORT [after MOB debacle?] :man_facepalming:

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Two year commitment, so only have to commit to one hitch? Not bad.


This is likely the right answer, however it is a very strange way to advertise something as it says the bonus is paid lump sum upon hire. A better way to calculate in my eyes is to say a bonus of 50% of base pay is awarded.