Military Sealift Command recruiting bonuses?

How bad has it gotten out there?!?!

A bonus you say?

So… Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ -I mean, MSC?


50% bonus for a LOT of positions. All deck officers, AB’s DCO’s, and many more. Sorry, no entry level positions are getting bonuses. All those already in positions getting bonuses are supposed to be getting a retention bonus to keep them from quitting, and reapplying.

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Sounds like its really bad. Anything thrown at the wall hoping it sticks…


Eventually, if it gets bad enough, perhaps they will be forced to enact real change.

IMHO, I think its past the tipping point of no return. For decades long tours, overdue reliefs have been the norm, the past few years being the worst.
The commercial folks know all about manning and rotating crews. What does MSC do? They hire some contractor to do the job fair circuit charging lots of money and with what kind of results? And lets not forget that silly ass Pilot Program proposed by that first brown shoe. How did that go?
Every US Flag carrier would most likely share their knowledge and expierance on manning and crew reliefs freely and at no charge.
$50-$500 for a referal bonus. Give me a break, gold is just under $2k/oz. Navy/MSC continues to want something for nothing.

Is this sarcasm? My company charges us for wifi and you think they’re going to give away free advice when they can hardly man their own ships?

A good friend of mine retired 35 years as chief electrician for several long time u.s. carriers and even during the worse of covid he was relieved on time. Always off the ship a few days before or after his 120 day contract. Yes, the industry is having crewing issues but overdues I believe are penalized and try to make the effort to relief going crew off on time.
In port msc ships can’t pay for wifi out of vessel funds. It used to be provided by the husbanding agent but found not allowable. One plus of msc is pretty good internet 24/7, inport or at sea. How many would traded it for better vacation and timely relief?

With DoD contracting out a lot of sea lift services, I think they could get some good information at no charge from them. I know MMP, M.E.B.A. and SIU would.

Better than pi$$ing money away on those worthless job fairs.