MPT Qmed down graded

If you thought about the 24 day Qmed course from mpt they redid the course down to 15 days and only a 34 day credit of sea time to the 90 day credit you got before. I think that sucks but what really sucks is the price is still the same. $3,200 bux. I mean shit if that is all the credit you are going to give you might as well just do one extra hitch as a wiper lapware it out and not have to pay plane/food/housing/.

I called an asked why they did this and they could not tell me why.

I’ve always recommended to folks, don’t do the course unless someone else is paying for it, or you have money to burn.

Anyone who has some time as an unlicensed engineer, and some mild degree of mechanical aptitude, can self study and pass.

Its also only 180 eight hr days of sea service required…so i can’t really see how the seatime credit would make that course worth it alone.

I mean maybe a deck hand could say please let me do 2 hitches get 90 days and then class out the other 90. The company may have done that but now? Guess not. For that matter QMT has the course for 2,500 and both are in FL.

Meh it is what it is i guess.