More tawdry Navee officer shenanigans

Lady FUCKING Gaga! What the EFF has our Navee become? Tailhook, IOWA, a CNO offing himself and now this…

[B]Feds: Military bribery cases show exchange of information for luxury perks, concert tickets[/B]

In two stunning bribery cases, a high-ranking Navy officer and an NCIS special agent were arrested separately this week for allegedly trading confidential information to a foreign defense contractor in exchange for luxury travel, prostitutes and, in one case, tickets to a Lady Gaga concert, among other things.

According to court documents, both cases stemmed from the military’s investigation into allegations of fraud and bribery by a Malaysian citizen, Leonard Francis, and his company, a Singapore-based defense contractor called Glenn Defense Marine (Asia) (GDMA). GDMA does millions of dollars of “husbandry” business with the U.S. Navy, providing port-based services like tugboats, fuel and other provisions in foreign ports.

As the investigation progressed, it would go on to net two of the U.S. military’s own, including an agent for another military service investigating the same company, through colorful and allegedly damning emails.

‘Big Bro,’ The Contractor

Before his current posting at U.S. Northern Command in Peterson Air Force Base, Commander and Captain-Select Michael Misiewicz was the commanding officer of the Destoyer-class USS Mustin. In that role, he had “final decision-making authority with regard to husbanding service requirements” for that ship and later, as the Deputy Operations Officer for the U.S. Commander of the Seventh Fleet, “wielded influence in determining or modifying the schedule of port visits for U.S. Navy vessels,” court documents say.

Emails quoted in the court documents appear to show Misiewicz engaging in discussions with Francis about attempts to use his position to change ship schedules and destinations, ostensibly to push business towards GDMA and sometimes with apparent success. Prosecutors also accuse Misiewicz of handing over confidential ship movement plans to Francis that gave GDMA a competitive advantage.

In addition, prosecutors said that once in port, GDMA repeatedly overbilled the Navy. In one instance, GDMA asked for $2.7 million for a port visit by the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis when other port visits by aircraft carriers in the same country cost approximately $1.36 million.

Much of the prosecutors’ case is built on a winding email trail allegedly left by Misiewicz that shows he became so close with Francis in the course of their dealings that Misiewicz began to refer to Francis as “Big Brother” and Francis, in turn, referred to Misiewicz as “Little Brother.” In the course of their relationship, Francis allegedly arranged travel and luxury hotel stays for Misiewicz on multiple occasions.

In Singapore in 2012, court documents say Misiewicz exchanged emails with Francis about attending an upcoming Lady Gaga concert in Thailand. Francis was apparently able to obtain five tickets for Misiewicz and others.

The court documents also detail an email exchange Francis had with “a woman associated with a prostitution service” that included “many pictures of young women along with their age, height, and bra size.” The investigating officer said in the court documents he believed Francis was picking out prostitutes for several people, including Misiewicz, for an upcoming trip to Singapore. Due to weather, however, the trip was canceled, the complaint said.

‘Your Kinda Babe?’

In the case of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) agent, Supervisory Special Agent John Beliveau II was charged in a separate bribery scheme also involving Francis, in which Beliveau allegedly gave Francis confidential information about an NCIS investigation into GDMA – including reports taken from the NCIS database – and advised him on how to respond to NCIS inquiries. Beliveau provided those services, prosecutors say, for “among other things, paid travel, luxury hotel stays and prostitution services.”

Beginning in 2010, NCIS had opened an investigation into GDMA potentially overbilling the Navy for husbandry services. Again, emails obtained by investigators appear to be the basis for the case.

In 2011, court documents allege Beliveau took a trip to Bangkok arranged and paid for by Francis.

“In addition, as an extra perquisite of this trip, Francis arranged a female escort to entertain Beliveau,” the complaint says. “According to one email, attaching a picture of this escort, Francis asked: ‘Joyce your kinda Babe’? Beliveau replied, ‘Nice. You bet. Hopefully I’m her kinda guy, hehe.’”

Prosecutors go on to accuse Beliveau of accessing the NCIS database to gather information on the agency’s investigation into GDMA and later advising Francis based on that information.

In a tense email exchange, Beliveau scolds Francis for not helping his “situation.”

“…I will always be your friend, but you will get nothing else……until I get what you promise…. You give your whores more money than me ;),” Beliveau wrote, according to court documents. “I can be your best friend or your worst enemy….”

The filing does not elaborate on what Beliveau’s situation may have been or what exactly he was supposedly promised, except that Francis offers to mail it to him or send it through Western Union.

Misiewicz, Beliveau and Francis were all arrested Monday and charged with conspiracy to commit bribery, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Ed Harris, an attorney assigned to Misiewicz’s first preliminary hearings in Colorado where he was arrested, declined to comment on the particulars of his client’s case, noting that Misiewicz has not yet been indicted and arraigned and, therefore, has not entered a plea.

Neither Beliveau nor Francis have retained or been assigned an attorney as of this report, according to a the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of California.

They should all get the noose!

Agreed. That is pretty sick, and lady gaga to top it off. A grown man, a grown ass high ranking navy officer of all things wanting to see lady gaga. I honesty think the world is about to end.

Roger that! Especially if they went and actually seen lady gaga. THE CHAIR!!!

I’d rather see lady gaga than freaking Miley Cyrus!

Huh? All I was ever offered in the Navy was a shit sandwich, and another shit sandwich+ retention bonus.

Does my heart good to see these a-holes get caught. These guys were screwing MSC and USN ships for years. Over charges like you could not believe. I’m glad to see “Glenn Marine” get what they deserved. Even the NCIS agent " investigating" the shenanigans, perfect !

I met a NCIS guy at a barby in Singapore once…wonder if it was him?
He said we spend lots of money here so they have NCIS stationed here…

Well, I have to say…at least Tailhook was a bunch of drunk naval aviators chasing poon–you know, normal guys. I have to seriously question the judgment of a naval officer who wants Lady Gaga tickets.

HaHa…the filth in the cesspool that is the US Navee gets deeper and stinkier

[B]Navy captain relieved of command as bribery probe continues[/B]

Captain David Dusek

OCTOBER 3, 2013 — Capt. Daniel Dusek (left) has been relieved of command of the USS Bonhomme Richard, which is currently in Sasebo, Japan.

According to media reports, Capt. Dusek, who has not been charged with a crime, is under investigation in the alleged bribery scheme involving prostitutes and luxury travel that saw charges brought against U.S. Navy Commander Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz, NCIS Supervisory Special Agent John Bertrand Beliveau II , and Leonard Glenn Francis, the CEO of Singapore-based Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd (see earlier story).

Expeditionary Strike Group Seven commander Rear Adm. Hugh Wetherald reportedly cited a loss of confidence in Dusek’s ability to command in relieving him of his duties.

“After careful consideration, Adm. Wetherald determined the investigation negatively affected Dusek’s leadership ability and was a distraction to the command mission,” said a Navy statement cited by Stars and Stripes.

Captain Dusek has been temporarily assigned to Expeditionary Strike Group Seven and has been replaced by Bonhomme Richard’s executive officer, Capt. Murray Tynch III.

Hopefully they will all get what they deserve.

I worked briefly as a shipping agent in between jobs shipping out when I first graduated and I was super surprised at how much they were overcharging for port visits. Not only do the agents themselves make a handsome profit for every port visit, but all of the subservices they offer overcharge as well. For example a transportation invoice might be 3-5 times what an actual cab might have costed. And since the owners or charterers who are paying for it have no idea what it costs in US, they just pay it. I was able to look at some of the Inchcape Shipping invoices for the Navy on USS Last Ship and it was much of the same. All the charges overblown. Perhaps this incident will cause a closer look into the industry.

[QUOTE=KP05;123014]Hopefully they will all get what they deserve. [/QUOTE]

well Leonard Glenn Francis is certainly getting his!

[B]Singapore firm barred from U.S. contracts over bribery case: Navy[/B]

WASHINGTON | Mon Oct 21, 2013

(Reuters) - A Singapore-based company involved in a U.S. Navy bribery scandal has been barred from doing business with the federal government and has had nine Navy contracts worth $205 million terminated for cause, a Navy official said on Monday.

Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd and its chief executive, Leonard Glenn Francis, were barred on September 19 from contracting with the U.S. government and from receiving benefits of federal assistance programs, the official said on condition of anonymity.

GDMA was the U.S. Navy’s chief husbanding agent in the Pacific Rim, organizing logistics such as tugboats, security, fuel, waste removal and other services for port calls by Navy ships in the region.

The Navy suspension came in response to a criminal complaint in the U.S. District Court in southern California in September that accused Francis of bribing government employees in exchange for confidential information related to Navy contracts.

Francis was arrested in mid-September as were Navy Commander Michael Misiewicz and John Beliveau, a Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) agent. The three were charged with conspiracy in a bribery scheme, the Navy said.

Separately, Captain Daniel Dusek, commander of the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard, was relieved of duty on October 2 due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command. Dusek has not been charged with a crime but is under investigation in the case, the Navy has said.

Misiewicz, who was born in Cambodia during the Vietnam War and rose to become captain of a U.S. Navy destroyer, was charged with accepting paid travel, the services of prostitutes and Lady Gaga concert tickets from GDMA, prosecutors in southern California said last month.

Prosecutors accused Misiewicz, 46, of sending Francis classified information, including ship movements, and helping arrange visits by U.S. Navy vessels to ports where GDMA had contracts.

At the time, Misiewicz was deputy operations officer for the U.S. commander of the Seventh Fleet, which oversees operations from Japan to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean and from Vladivostok, Russia, to Australia.

Before that assignment, he had been commanding officer of the USS Mustin, a forward-deployed guided-missile destroyer.

A separate criminal complaint charged Francis with providing Beliveau, 44, travel, entertainment, prostitutes and other gifts in exchange for information about an NCIS investigation into his company.

Prosecutors charged Beliveau with downloading confidential reports about that probe from the agency’s database and conveying the information to Francis.

Francis was arrested in San Diego last month, while Misiewicz was taken into custody in Colorado and Beliveau in Virginia. All three face a maximum of five years in federal prison if convicted at trial.


it’s a gift that just keeps giving!

[B]Third U.S. Navy Official Charged in Singapore Bribery Scheme[/B]

By Edvard Pettersson

Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) — A third U.S. Navy official was charged with receiving bribes, including cash and prostitutes, from a Singapore-based contractor who provides port services for American ships in Southeast Asia.

U.S. Navy Commander Jose Luis Sanchez, 41, was arrested yesterday in Tampa, Florida, according to a statement from the U.S. attorney’s office in San Diego. He’s accused of providing classified information to Leonard Glenn Francis, the chief executive officer of Glenn Defense Marine (Asia) in Singapore, who was arrested in September.

Glenn Defense Marine provides hundreds of millions of dollars in goods and services, including supplying food, water, fuel, tugboats and trash removal for the Navy ships in at least a dozen countries, according to the statement.

“According to the allegations in this case, a number of officials were willing to sacrifice their integrity and millions of taxpayer dollars for personal gratification,” U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said in the statement.

Sanchez, who was deputy logistics officer for the commander of the U.S. Navy Seventh Fleet in Yokosuka, Japan, and later director of operations for Fleet Logistics Command in Singapore, provided Francis with Navy schedules and other classified information to help Glenn Defense Marine win business, according to the U.S. attorney’s statement.

‘Lion King’

Sanchez, who referred to Francis as “Lion King” and “Boss” in e-mails, received more than $100,000 in cash and prostitutes that Francis arranged for him and his friends in Kuala Lumpur and Manila, according to the statement.

In September, the U.S. attorney in San Diego charged Francis, a Navy commander and a Navy Criminal Investigative Service officer in the bribery scheme. Francis and the other two defendants have pleaded not guilty to the allegations. A Glenn Defense Marine employee in Singapore was accused of overbilling the Navy, according to yesterday’s statement.

The investigation is continuing, the U.S. attorney’s statement said.

Kelly Thornton, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office, said prosecutors didn’t know whether Sanchez has retained a lawyer yet.

The case is U.S. v. Sanchez, 13-MJ-4027, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California (San Diego).

Copyright 2013 Bloomberg.

This is getting filthier and stinkier all the time…NO SURPRISE AT ALL!

[B]Admirals Under Investigation Amidst U.S. Navy Corruption Scandal[/B]

By Rob Almeida On November 8, 2013

Two senior Admirals have now found themselves under the searing spotlight of a high profile criminal investigation that has already led to the arrest of two U.S. Navy Commanders, a Navy Criminal Investigator, and the firing of a Navy Captain. The U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) investigation is focused on getting to the bottom of a complex and lengthy scheme involving U.S. Navy officials who allegedly collaborated with, accepted bribes, and released classified ship movement information to Singapore-based port contractor Glenn Defense Marine. This lengthy, and well-orchestrated scheme that has cost U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars and left members of the military and government appalled.

In an announcement late on Friday, the U.S. Navy suspended access to classified material for Vice Admiral Ted Branch, Director of Naval Intelligence and Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/N6), and Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless, Director of Intelligence Operations.

Rear Admiral Kirby, the U.S. Navy’s top-ranked public affairs officer notes in a statement, “The decision to suspend their classified access was made based upon the nature of allegations against Admirals Branch and Loveless in connection with an ongoing Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) investigation into illegal and improper relations with Leonard Francis, CEO of Glenn Defense Marine.”

The allegations against Admirals Branch and Loveless involve inappropriate conduct prior to their current assignments and flag officer rank. The Navy notes there is no indication, nor do the allegations suggest, that in either case there was any breach of classified information.

“It is important to note that allegations are just that, allegations,” says Kirby. ”Neither officer has been charged with any crime or violation. Both men retain their rank and security clearances.”

They are on temporary leave pending outcome of the investigation. according to the Navy statement.


These traitorous bastards need to be swinging from the yardarm of the nearest Navy ship.

I don’t know if they’re traitorous bastards. Naive Fu#$tards is more likely. I’ve seen ship’s agents wrap CO’s and XO’s, Masters and Suppos around their fingers. The access to goodies is intoxicating to some people.
Sleep with dogs and wake up with fleas. MSC better wake up to this too before its too late.