MMD Discount

Anyone use their MMD to obtain government rates or military discounts for things like airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, etc…? I know Holiday Inns are very receptive to this and American Airlines accepts it as well.
Try it next time, you might be surprised.

The adult video store I shop at gives a 20% discount. No kidding.
Sometimes Amtrak does, sometimes not.

theres a seafarers international house in downtown manhattan not far from union square that gives a couple dollars a day discount on its room rate, which last year was aroound $45 a day. of course getting the room takes weeks or months in advance!!

also i get a discount rate on car rentals at avis, and it waivers the under 25 years of age fee! plus double miles on my continental card its a sweet deal.

I think I got a discount at a strip club in Guam with my MMD once … oh wait, maybe they added 20%.

I heard from somone, somewhere, that back in the day the old big laminated Z-cards had a nice knife edge that was useful for chopping stuff up.

I get military discounts all over the place. There’s a mountain out at tahoe that gives military free ski passes. I’ve also used it on train tickets , movie tickets, etc. Just look like you really are military and it will work.

if the organization offering the discount was offering a discount to coast guard documented merchant mariners, i would certainly accept it but i would never even consider trying to pretend that i was active duty/retired military. to me, thats an out right lie. i have no military service and would never think of pretending otherwise.

I always bring out my z-card and ask “Do Merchant Mariners qualify for a discount?”. This works 90% of the time with the exception being that sometimes they specifically ask “Are you active duty?” or “Are you employed by the US govt?” to which I say no. I’ve only been called out on it once… at the Arizona memorial I asked the question and the clerk replied "You guys make too much money for discounts but I’ll give it to you anyway."
My wife worked briefly at a Zoo doing memberships and they were told to look for a “green card” issued by the military… so I think this works because the writting on the MMD is green. I wouldn’t try it with your TWIC.

The laminated cards were great! Freshman year at the academy I had a dependent military id. The thing had holograms and other security features on the front but the back was black and white with you DOB, address, ss#… We simply photocopied the back, used white out and a typwriter to change the dates, glued it to the back of the card and relaminated the entire thing. It was the best fake ID ever created.

Ahh, the good old days. I did something similar with my first driver’s license. Just cut the picture end off of mine and my buddy’s who was over 21, joined my picture to his with masking tape on the back, and voila, I was 21. Used it for three years.

I have never been turned down when I ask for military discount. I have used for food, motels, air, cruise and retail outlets. I just whip out the ole MMD.

Any of you that are using an MMD to scam military discounts should be ashamed of yourselves. Unless you’re Mercahant Mariners that sailed convoy duty in WWII, you are not military veterans, so knock it off - the lady at the Arizona Memorial had it correct -we make enough to pay our own way without pretending to be an underpaid segment of our society, namely the military.

They are not scamming. Typically, military (governement) discounts include federal employees and contractors as well as active and retired military. This includes senators and congressmen that make very decent money. I use my MMD and CAC card regularly for discounts as per most company’s policy as a contractor. I was even eligible to join Navy Federal Credit Union and get great consumer loan rates which was better than any discount on hotel rooms and rental cars.

I used my CAC card for all kinds of government discounts back when I worked for MSC, got a Navy Federal Credit Union account too. This isn’t the same as using a MMD for the discounts though since having a CAC means you actually work for the government.

Since you had a CAC card, you also know that you only get them while overseas. If you’re a contractor stateside under the authority of your MMD, you have the same right to the same discounts.

means you actually work for the government.

You think that we don’t work for the government? Fuck that. How many hours did you spend last year keeping all your ducks in a row for Big Brother? The only difference is that we pay through the nose for the privilege. Time was when an MMD would get you on a base and into the PX. Never did it but coulda.

anchorman: There’s plenty of contractors at APMC who never go overseas and they all have a CAC card. I’m sure other mil contractors who never leave the states get them too.

I guess so, maybe mine is different, but it doesn’t change the fact that you can be a government contractor all the same minus a CAC card.

The laminated z-cards also did not expire, if you didn’t lose it you had it for life. It was always amusing signing on a 60 year old AB and having him show you a z-card with a sepia aged phto of a 19 year old kid on it. Mine wouldn’t have worked as a knife, it de-laminated soon after it was issued and I had to tape the edges together.

I have to agree with KevD and Jeffrox. The companies that reward our veterans and service members with discounted goods, most likely did not read the Governments “fine print” as to whom qualifies as “Military”. I don’t want to come off as judging anyone but, I feel those guys and gals should get a free pass for more than what we currently give them. Us, federal employees and the contractors should not reap any benifits for our forces sacrifices.
What porn store seadog?