Airline Baggage Fees

I was told that United, Delta, and Continental are now waiving baggage fees for Merchant Mariners with ID up to two bags. It worked for me with Continental the other day…

This is interesting because I try to avoid them and always calculate it into fares when shopping around. I tend to use Southwest the most since its free.

I dont see anything on google besides that Active Military get a discount. I wonder if they consider MM the military.

Didnt work for me when i was flying home from Charleston in sept. on continental, they also wanted to charge me an extra $100.00 for my bags being over by 3 pounds. I had to stuff 3 pounds of stuff in my carry on, and pants pockets…hah

What airport were you flying out of ?

I got a baggage discount once for being a Merchant Mariner on Alaska Airlines (I think); there was a code the lady looked up. The very next flight on the same airline, the person absolutely denied that there ever was a baggage discount for Mariners. As I didn’t have time to argue, I let it slide.

Perhaps we could get a list of airline’s codes here for future reference?

The news about the fees was in our company newsletter…

I was flying from Lake Charles regional. The lady looked at me kinda funny but waived the fees. They probably won’t advertise it.

I figured I’d throw it out there and see if anyone else had any luck. I actually got to sit in an exit row without paying, must’ve been my lucky day!

Flew united out of baltimore 4 weeks ago and USairways out of norfolk, both waived the fees but thats the first time in 12+ yrs its happened for me, and i try every time

Fly the same airline enough & be in the frequent flier program & it will be free after enough flights. I was a gold member us air for a while & got free bags & upgraded to 1st class a good bit.

I fly Southwest no flight change or bag fees!

Company pays my fees

Cost my son a job 2 weeks ago. No matter how much you tell your kids something, they rarely listen.

I’ve told him REPEATEDLY to have money available for travel, no matter what. He’s been sitting on the beach for nearly 11 months and finally get’s a job (been doing well on unemployment, so it’s piss poor planning on his part). Supposed to fly to Wilmington, NC on US Airways. No money on him or in his bank account.

I drop him off at the airport and head home. Get about 5 miles away from the airport and he calls me, asks me if I can come back he has to pay for his bags (which granted, he’s never had to do before, either international or paid for by the company). I try to pay it over the phone and they won’t do it. So as we’re trying to figure out how to accomplish this without me physically being there, primarily because I didn’t think I could make it back in time for his flight, he calls the ships agent. We finally get it taken care of and I get back on the freeway headed home. I get some texts that his flight is delayed, yada yada yada. After I get home I get a call from him, asks me if I can come pick him up. I won’t get into the other details (which have to do with my son’s emotional state), but the agent called him back and fired him. Said he wouldn’t be able to pay for a cab to get to the ship so they don’t need him.

“I told you so” works well with enemies, co-workers that are jerks, and spouses in a playful manner. Outright sucks with your kids. However, I’m fairly certain he’ll NEVER let it happen again.

I avoid baggage fees two ways. Getting on the Elite plan with most airlines will do it for most folks. Unfortunately, many companies get discounted merchant mariner airfares which do not allow the passengers to accumulate miles. I know this from some travel I do when my clients pay for legs of overseas travel. The other way I do it is by getting an airline credit card. Some of these have fees, but make up for it by including membership in their airport club and by waiving both baggage and overweight fees. When you figure what will be spent in airports when flying at least once a month, these become a pretty good deal. As long as you pay off the credit card every month, that is.

[QUOTE=cmakin;56972]Unfortunately, many companies get discounted merchant mariner airfares which do not allow the passengers to accumulate miles. [/QUOTE]

Ouch! So far this has not been an issue with either United or Delta…

[QUOTE=water;56977]Ouch! So far this has not been an issue with either United or Delta…[/QUOTE]

It may be for international companies. I know that when I was sailing I did get my miles, but that was a long (relatively) time ago. I do know that many international ship management companies and even some US companies, including an oilfield company DO use these types of fares. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but a few years ago I was working in West Africa and the company (client) booked a flight for me from Douala, Cameroon to Lagos, Nigeria (fun flight, but that is a whole other topic). When I showed my boarding pass to get through the gate, the agent commented that I was a merchant seaman, and I countered that it had been a few years. I thought she made the connection because of my rakish good looks, but found out later that airlines offer discounts for maritime companies that fly many crewmembers long distances, and in return they are not allowed to be used in any frequent flier programs.

flew from Alaksa to seattle and Alaska air and was denied 1 month ago