MMC pulled for a year. Work again?

A food supplement I was taking for high blood sugar resulted in a DOT UA positive right at the threshold. I’ll follow the Settlement Agreement for about a year, and then be able to work with my MMC again.
Anybody got an idea if getting hired again is likely?

Hmm. Prospects must be grim.

It is all about supply and demand of credentials, persistence, and sometimes being at the right place at the right time. If you happen to be in a union, getting a job is a matter of having valid MMC’s (and other required paperwork) within the framework of their hiring hall procedures and seniority.

What kind of food supplement can cause a positive drug test? I would hate to accidentally get something like that!

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I was taking hemp oil. It seemed to help. I tried a locally processed brand and failed the next random. It had thc contamination.

I would think about suing that company for providing you with a contaminated product. They are literally costing you your livelihood!

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I knew that stuff was a bad ideA

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Sue them for what? For having THC in their THC?

The DEA states, “for practical purposes, all extracts that contain CBD will also contain at least small amounts of other cannabinoids. Although it might be theoretically possible to produce a CBD extract that contains absolutely no amounts of other cannabinoids, the DEA is not aware of any industrially-utilized methods that have achieved this result.

Most companies use DISA for drug testing.

I think they ought to be putting a warning label. I mean, I’m guessing you didn’t think that there was anything in this that would cause a positive test… knowing you would be tested. My company has actually put out lots of information on things that might cause violations… even that kombucha stuff (spelling?) that has trace amts of alcohol due to it’s fermented properties… it’s a no go here. It sucks that you are having to pay a price for the mix up.

I actually quizzed the shop about any thc, and let them know I had to take drug tests. Their assurance doesn’t mean much in hindsight.
The article regarding CBD referenced above should be heeded. My opinion now is that CBD ain’t for Mariners.
Hopefully the oil patch will be booming when I get to work offshore again.

That simply sucks. I dont like it when the intent of a rule seems to punish someone outside of the original framework. Is this stuff illegal in most states? Or, legal everywhere?

I know some Air Force pilots. They have been told not to even use hemp based soap. Dr Bronners is one brand that comes to mind.

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That’s pretty excessive. Bronner’s cuts black oil pretty well and I’ve seen many a bottle left helpfully behind in the second’s room and never heard of a failed random.

I thought about taking this stuff but I normally look at the worst case scenario and I did not like the probable results if I popped positive.

This is a great case of learning from someone else’s screwup. I have no idea how the reporting of a failed drug test is handled once you’re reinstated. Does it go on your permanent record?

Yes. And it will probably be considered an aggravating factor when deciding when/if to allow clemency if there is another positive test in the future. It’s not the same as a pardon in a criminal proceeding, or some juvenile criminal offenses

But, “Permanent record”? Has that term ever been a real thing?

I’m presuming it’s that same one that has my history of eating paste from middle school.

Happened in my outfit with a guy who used some kind of topical cream for arthritis. He failed a drug screen. I got into an argument with an acquaintance who sells CBD oil on the side and she swore up and down it contained no THC, but it’s a damned over the counter item, who the hell really knows what’s in it? OTC supplements are not regulated the same way as medications and they are not monitored for purity. Leave that stuff alone until you retire!! Even if it’s hemp clothing or soap or CBD or whatever. Not worth the chance.

Hell, I don’t even eat poppy seed bagels and I know you have to eat a lot of poppy seed to pop positive but why take the risk. I can live without poppy seed bagels or poppy baklava till I am done with this job.

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Move to Canada.

Might be legal there but that doesn’t mean a Canadian employer will tolerate it. As discovered by many a fool who has blown an employer drug screen in Colorado.