CBD products causing positive results for drug testing

Be aware when submitting to a drug test that CBD products have been causing positive results for cannabis. Hopefully someday the government will remove cannabis from being a dangerous drug.
21st century prohibition?

That CBD may cause positive cannabis test results which may in turn jeopardize your MMC. No shit Sherlock, who would have ever thunk it? Another reason I suppose for some to invest in a Whizzinator.


The name is Gene not Sherlock. It could jeopardize your job or chances of getting one. Everyone is subject to randoms. It will suck trying to explain to customs why your carring a bag of piss in your lugage

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Well Gene, there was just recently a good write up on the main page about this very subject.

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Gene, this is the “professional mariner forum”, I’m pretty sure 99% of these guys know the container of gummy bears with the weed leaf is a no go. Did you write this post so you could show off to your new “clients” ? How many naive people trying to get into the industry have you scammed out of 1300 bucks since your last bullshit post ? :thinking:


None ! Believe it or not everyone I assist Gets a job. Not that it’s any of your business but I don’t normally charge my full fee. And I’ll go on that forum and say whatever I want just like you do monkey maybe you should look at my webpage and my discharges that’s only half of them my shower shoes probably have more seatime than you. If gCaptain wants to cut me off that’s fine with me. 13 years I’ve been doing that if I was a scam I couldn’t have PayPal as my pay source learn something monkey

I think failing a drug test likely comes from Taking CBD products that contain high levels of THC and only THC. I prefer buy cbd in https://berkshirecbd.com/wholesale-cbd-flower/

75% of CBD products have a small amount of THC approximately 2% Pharmaceutical quality has up to 3% of THC. If you’re using it daily Several times a day you’re going to come up positive regardless of the threshold allowed by most labs. This guy went to quest there’s ways around it of course but that’s not something I would post