MITAGS or MAMA? Which would you recommend?

I’m looking for a place to get my BST certificate on the East Coast. I live in New Jersey so MITAGS is closer, but more expensive. Any opinions on which one is better in terms of quality of instruction? I’m waiting on the results of my drug screen, so hopefully I can go apply for my MMD next week and I have an appointment to apply for my TWIC on March 17th. Does anyone know if I need an MMD or TWIC before I can go to either school for my TWIC? Also, would completing an AB program too look better while applying for jobs on Tugs as an OS in NYC? Or should I wait until I have a job as an OS and have gathered up enough Sea Time to upgrade?


You might check back through the old threads here but I seem to recall some people saying that none of the tug companies hired OS’s anymore.

Btw, you don’t need anything in hand to take the BST course except cash, check or credit card :wink:

The BST program at MAMA is new but I know they were putting alot of money into it. I spent alot of time there last year and they will go out of their way to help. I suggest you hold off on the AB until you get some seatime. Its not on the east coast but Alford Safety Services in Houma LA is the least expensive that I have found. They run the BST every week and have some very good people doing it. It was about $595 last year through Houston Marine. I stayed at local bed & breakfast for $45 a night. You may also have a better chance of an OS job in that area.
Best of luck to you.