Medical Certificate CG-719K / Drug Test CG - 719P - MSC

Good morning gentlemen,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Diego, and it is truly a pleasure to meet you all. I recently graduated from SUNY Maritime with a Bachelor’s in International Transportation and Trade, and I was initially excited about the prospect of working ashore. However, during the last job fair, I had the opportunity to learn about MSC and the chance to join their logistics department as a yeoman storekeeper. This sparked my interest in maritime adventures, travel, and the honorable opportunity to serve my country.

With this newfound enthusiasm, I embarked on the journey of gathering all the necessary documents to apply for my MMC. I’m pleased to share that I have successfully obtained my TWIC and passport without encountering any difficulties. However, I’ve encountered a bit of a challenge in finding a laboratory in New York City that will conduct a DOT 10 Panel Drug test without requiring an employer’s letter. Despite reaching out to prominent lab companies like Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics, I’ve yet to find a solution. Therefore, I appeal to all of you for any insights or information regarding laboratories that could accommodate this requirement without an employer’s letter.

Additionally, I must share a personal health concern. In May 2023, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, with my glucose levels showing an A1C of 8. However, through medication and lifestyle changes, I was able to significantly improve my condition, with my A1C levels dropping to 6 by July 2023. Subsequently, under my doctor’s guidance, I ceased medication, and in November 2023, my A1C levels decreased further to 5.8, indicating a pre-diabetic status. I am now inquiring whether this condition might disqualify me from obtaining an MMC. Furthermore, I wonder if obtaining another bloodwork analysis that shows I am no longer pre-diabetic would positively impact my MMC application process.

Lastly, I seek information on MSC’s policy regarding individuals with a pre-diabetic condition. Your insights and guidance on these matters would be immensely valuable to me as I navigate through the process of obtaining my MMC to join MSC.

Thank you for taking the time to assist me in my quest. I deeply appreciate your support and look forward to your replies.



10 panel seems odd. USCG typically wants a 5 panel, which you can get at many places. Medi+Physical is a nation wide chain that offers these (as an example).

Can’t help you much in regard to MSC and diabetes. For the most part, if you can get the USCG medical certificate, employers won’t really question it.

Best of Luck.

A1C needs to be 8,0 or lower for a waiver. See Coast Guard Medical Manual

I did my last one at Quest, I just made sure I did it in an area with a lot of Mariners and told them I needed it for the USCG and I had no issues.

Can’t speak for MSC but for the CG Type II should not be an issue if your A1c is less than 8, especially without meds. I would suggest that your medical provider states that your diabetes is “well controlled” or even better “in remission” if he/she feels that is appropriate.

Any of the occupational medicine clinics (Concentra, etc. ) that do either, or both, DOT truck driver and USCG physicals, also do the 5 panel DOT drug test urine sample collections and paperwork (which the USCG requires).They send the urine samples to approved labs for testing, which results in a test report.

There are some drug test consortiums that run drug testing programs: pre-employment, license transactions, and random drugs tests that individuals or companies can join.

After you apply to MSC it will email you a preliminary medical survey. Based on your answers you will receive a Medical Summary Form noted for your specific health issue(s) to be completed by your health care provider.
If your provider indicates the issue is controlled and considers you to be fit for duty (FFD) at sea MSC will evaluate the info on the Form and either find you FFD (or not) and instruct you if NFFD.
Good luck.