MEBA retirement or MSC Retirement? Which is better?

I will soon will be getting my third engineer license and I would like to know, which route would be best for retirement purposes. Meba (Union) or MSC?

Congrats on getting that license!

If I were you I would be more concerned with which is a better fit for your desired lifestyle. Do you want to be on a ship for 9 plus months out of the year and never knowing if you will be relieved on time or do you want to be able to work when you want and take vacation when you want?

No matter what they promise now, it’s impossible to know what the retirement benefits will actually be like 20 plus years from now.

Aside from the already-mentioned long hitches and trouble getting relieved at MSC, the pension there is from the Federal government. Our country is up to its ears in hock and sooner or later the printing press that spits out greenbacks is going to break down. The MEBA pension fund is fully funded and has been so for almost 40 years. The membership of the MEBA is fully aware of the status of the pension fund and intends to keep it solvent going forward. So who do you think is more likely to look out for you: the Federal government or your union brothers and sisters?

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