Good morning to all, I have question that I’m sure you guys can answer. Which is better to join (including pay, benefits, vacation, pension, learning experience), MEBA or MSC ?

MEBA…Though you can join/get MEBA time with MSC

Thanks for the info

MEBA hands down. Take every job you can get as a group 3. Listen to the older guys and women above you as you will learn a lot from them. MEBA lets you work as much or as little as you want. When I had no kids I worked 4-5 months a year. When my kids were in private high school I clocked 210 days a year to pay for thier schooling. When you start out it is taxing waiting in the union hall for a job but go every day. One group 2 guy I knew got a job in San Fransico because the hall in Seattle was closed due to blizzard and he was hanging around until 3pm every day for any job he could find. He made 75k on that 2nd engineers job for 90 days.

Just in case you need more reassurance. MEBA by far. Like also already stated 5 years with MSC and you can get a back door deal into MEBA (-$4000 fee). But I know in the first 5 years with MEBA I made a lot more than the 4k I would have saved going into MSC and I got into group 1. But I took whatever I could and I worked steady until I got a perm job as well as group 1