Matter AGT Inland Exam

Those that have taken this exam recently please chime in with any advice.

What topics should I focus on?

Is it harder or easier than 1600ton master?


I took a limited exam this spring, since I was taking Third Mate/Second Mate concurrently.
Mod 231 Deck General and Nav General
Mod 235 Deck Safety and Environmental protection
No surprises on either one, all straightforward stuff, you should be able to pass at your level with no additional studies.
Good luck…

Was there much stability?

My philosophy on the TWO questions on stability calculations is, pick C and move on. If I can’t have the same calculator/ computer program as I have on the vessel, pick C, use the other questions average me to a passing grade.

When that is all there are I have the same philosophy but I figured master agt might have a few more than two.

Stability for Master AGT Oceans is a 15 question 80% module. You actually need to know the equations, using the Stability Data Book, etc. to do well on it. It’s not like the 3M/2M or other tests where it is rolled into Deck Safety module and you can just blow it off as long as you do well on the rest of the questions. I don’t know if it is the same module for Master AGT Inland. It doesn’t look like there is a separate module for it in the Exam Guide.

For the Inland Master AGT I took a couple years ago there were about 4 questions that you had to use the stability data book. They weren’t that difficult but I would recommend familiarizing yourself with it. But with that said, blowing it off should not fail you on the deck safety test unless you are weak in the other areas. Personally, if I am going to test to advance my career, I don’t want ANY question to be wrong and I study appropriately. I have never tested twice and don’t ever plan on it. Sitting for CM/Master AGT soon.