2nd Mate Unlimited to Master AGT Inland

I know you can cross over from Master AGT Inland to 2nd Mate with a test, but can’t find anything about going the other way.

By the way, I currently hold Master 1600/3000 Oceans, along with 2nd Mate Unlimited.

No, but your 1600 ton master nc/ocean allows you to go to master agt inland.

Holding a 1600 Ton Master NC/Oceans will allow you to go to Unlimited Master Inland?

Are there any exams involved?

All the normal exams for master agt inland, with the exception of ocean rules.

Where is the basis for that crossover located in the CFR’s?

It’s not in the CFR, it is in the MSM. It probably figures that time as limited tonnage officer is equivalent to “wheelsman or quartermaster”…

Thanks for the info. It looks like a tonnage limitation would be placed on it though.

If you don’t have enough time over 1600 tons then yes, but it’s better than nothing. If you have enough time over 1600 tons to have a 2m then there should be no restriction.

No testing required. Just ask for it on your application.

There is an exam required for master agt inland.

Is the exam a crossover type exam or is it the full exam for master agt inland?

I was approved to test for the whole five module exam, except nav rules is ocean instead of inland. If you take the 2m exam at the same time you get exempted from I think two of the master agt inland modules.