Master's command

Do we have to write down where master took her command in the log book ?

We log when the change of command takes place (ie, “1300 Change of Command - Capt soandso1 relieves Capt soandso2”). Where the vessel happens to be at the time can be implied from the other normal daily/hourly entries.

Not sure of there’s any regulatory requirement for any of this…

Depends on your flag, I suppose. Here’s Liberia’s regulation…

“I, (name of new Master), a citizen of (country of citizenship),
holder of Liberian License of Competence No. (number of
certificate) in the grade of Master, assumed command of the
vessel on (date on which officially took command) at the port of
(port where change affected).”

Are you talking change of command between Masters, or Master taking the conn? Answer is still yes, just different degree of wordiness in the log for it.



Sorry about that…supposed to be conning

The mate on watch should cover his ass by logging the time that the captain takes the conn. How strictly that’s followed has a lot to do with the mate’s thoughts about the Master’s competence and integrity.