Master 10,000 GRT/GT OSV near coastal to Master AGT near coastal

Looking for help to clarify path from Master 1600 Near Coastal with 10,000 GT/GRT OSV endorsement to Unlimited Master AGT. What are the hurdles that will need to be cleared? Hoping to hear from Mr. Cavo and other licensing experts.

Thank you for your time and assistance with this matter.

There is no easy or fast way.

The fastest way is:

  • Apply for Master Unlimited Inland (based on the crossover allowed from Master 1600 tons NC/Oceans in MSM Vol. III)

  • Concurrently apply for 2nd Mate Unlimited NC (a holder of Master Unlimited Inland qualifies to apply for 2M NC/Oceans by 46 CFR)

  • Take the 5 exams for Master Unlimited Inland (and the 6 exams for Mate Unlimited NC if you never tested for 500/1600 ton Mate, or tested before 2002)

  • Get a year of sea time [B]while holding[/B] your 2nd Mate license

  • Do the assessments for Chief Mate / Master Unlimited

  • Apply for and get approved to test for Chief Mate

  • Take the 8 exams for Chief Mate Unlimited NC

  • Acquire 360 days of sea time [B]as Chief Mate[/B] (must be designated as such on your sea time letter) [B]while holding[/B] your Chief Mate license (or 360 days as Mate and 180 days as Chief Mate)

  • Apply for Master Unlimited